Things I like Today: October 11, 2013

Sometimes you just come across something amazing and you want to share it with everyone. That’s how I’m feeling about all the amazing stuffs below!

* I love snail mail–sending or receiving it–so I was super excited to sign up and get at least 12 (or more) beautiful postcards over the next year. Terry Ratzlaff is an incredibly talented photographer and will send you postcards of his work for a super-cheap fee of $10. Support artists! Check it out here.

* If you’re into bohemian and earthy jewelry, you should check out Wildflower Moon. I’m digging the dangly earrings like wanderLust and little Dipper.

* Is anyone else’s mind blown that How I Met Your Mother Season 8 is on Netflix? Binge time.

* I signed up for The Listserve a few months ago. If you’re into blogs, you’ll love it. Sign up, and receive 1 email a day sent from a fellow listserver. You might also be chosen to send an email. The topic is up to the person sending the email, so you’ll get an interesting variety!

* I highly encourage anyone who likes felines to check out Pusheen the Cat (and, Pusheen is on twitter! @pusheen) and this wonderful video of cats that love boxes.

* Big travel soon? I’m dreaming up a long-ish trip to New Zealand in the near future. Nomadic Matt is a great resource for average folks looking to travel. His post about “17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Big Trip” makes planning a huge trip actually seem possible instead of daunting.

* Have an iPhone? The photo app Beautiful Mess is only $.99 and it’s a fun way to add borders and doodles to pics, like this one:

photo(12)* My countdown until the new Avett Brothers album has been going on for a while. October 15th is so close and so far! In the meantime, I’ve rediscovered this gem, Will You Return.

* I won’t always plug something, but I’m so excited about this I have to share! I’ve joined forces with my best friend and roommate, Rain, to start Photobooth Babes. Check us out! photoboothbabes.tumblr.com and on Twitter and Instagram we are photoboothbabes. 🙂

What are everyone’s weekend plans? I’m undecided still! :-O

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