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The Burning House

Lately, I’ve had the very romantic notion of purging all of my belongings and trying to keep 100 items or less. That’s probably insane because 1) I have a lot of shoes and 2) does a pair of shoes count as one item or two? Regardless, I’ve been thinking a lot about my belongings and what is truly necessary, and what I would take with me if I went traveling for 6 months, a year, or longer.

This reminded me of a super cool tumblr called The Burning House. A photographer, Foster Huntington, asks this question: If your house was burning, what would you take with you? Huntington then arranges these items beautifully and photographs them. He’s incredibly talented and the photos are stellar. Obviously, if your house was burning you wouldn’t take the time to snap a gorgeous photo of your belongings, but it definitely raises many questions about what is necessary and the basics one needs to get by in life.

So, if my house was burning, what would I take? As described on the website, it’s a “conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental.” If you check out the site, some of these people pack a shit-ton of stuff. Like, people, your house is ON. FIRE. You can literally grab a few things before you have to peace out or die from smoke inhalation. That combined with the sounds of your house burning in the background makes me wonder, are you really going to remember your computer charger? I mean, I can barely remember to pack that thing when I go for a weekend trip, I would definitely forget it during a fire.

In the event of an actual fire, I would think to grab 3 things before I bolt:

My cat, Little Bit, in his carrier

My box of photographs

My phone

Now, if I really had my shit together during this fire, hopefully I would remember one or more of the following:

My journal

My instax camera

My burlesque feather fans

The beautiful necklace my mom and dad gave me for Christmas

My winter jacket


So what about you? Realistically, what would you grab from your house before getting outta there?

Now excuse me while I go buy some renter’s insurance…

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