Things I Like Today: October 21, 2013

Kickass stuffs!

-App love: I have had Mobily Trip on my phone for a while now, but had failed to use it…until this weekend! I just logged two travel journals: one for Burning Man, and one for my trip this weekend to LA. I am pretty smitten with this app. It makes tracking your travel easy as pie, and does so much of the work for you. Simply by pressing a button, it will record your location using GPS, and then you can write a little blurb about it. Adding photos is a breeze, too. Then all you have to do is share your awesome adventures! (check me out: theresa_that)

-I recently got a Simple card and am liking the “Goals” section. Say I want to purchase a new pair of shoes by January 31st and they cost $250. Simple will calculate how much I need to set aside each day for that goal, and let me know how close I am to my goal. Genius for people like me who are terrible with money.

This piece on Luna Luna was sincere and heartfelt, I had to share!

-My makeup routine is: a little blush, liquid liner, mascara, and go. So last week, when my dude texted me, “Hey, any chance you wanna go on a boat on Saturday?” and I’m all “Hell fucking yes,” first thing I think is, “I have to get new eyeliner.” I love my Revlon eyeliner (and will continue to use it!) but it would be bound to get wet and drip off of me a la Beyonce in “Why Don’t You Love Me?” So I made a little impulse buy for waterproof liner, and damn it’s good. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner. Downside: it takes a long-ass time to dry. Upside: simply set with a little powder and it’s not going anywhere. Literally, once it’s dry, it’s on for the day.

-Halloweeeeeen! It’s so soon, folks! I, for one, am going as a My Little Pony–I have a blue leotard on its way, pink hair naturally (or sort of naturally), and a pink wig I snagged at a local Buffalo Exchange. What is everyone else dressing up as?

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