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I Fear that Winter is Here

ImageCoat? Check. Scarf? Check. Hat? Check.

I’ve been in denial about it for as long as possible. The first weekend of October here in SF was so lovely and warm, I spent literally the entire weekend outside and it was glorious! Ah, Indian summer. But just as quickly as I realized it was here, it left. And now it’s foggy mornings and chilly nights. It’s undeniable: winter has arrived in San Francisco.

It’s kind of always seasonally chilly and brisk here. People who live in SF love to hate that Mark Twain quote, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” They love it because it’s true…and they hate it because it’s true.

Personally, I don’t do well with winter. I grew up in South Carolina so I thrive in heat and humidity. Then I lived in New York for a few years, and one of the reasons I ended up moving was because the winters were so brutal. I would wear a thermal base layer, pants, a wool sweater paired with a fleece, a winter coat that went to my ankles, and gloves/scarf/hat, and I would still be cold. I think there’s just a certain point where it’s too cold for anyone to live comfortably and nature’s all, “Suck it.” And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Alas, I am here, and it is winter, and I have to deal with it. So this is what I’ve done so far in preparation for my hibernation winter:

* Purchased a pair of Capezio dance tights. Okay, technically I didn’t really do this for the winter, I did this for Halloween. I’m going to be a My Little Pony, and wearing a leotard sans tights would just be downright foolish. But I purchased flesh-colored ones specifically with the intent of using them underneath pants or other tights. These are not yer average nylons, people, these are some serious tights that will get me through some cold days.

* Purged clothing from my closet. Not a lot, but a couple of things I just haven’t worn in literally years. I’m gonna be rotating through the same 2 or 3 sweaters anyway for the next few months, I may as well get rid of shit I don’t need. This also helped me locate cold weather items I forgot I had!

* Pulled out my scarves and hats for easy access. I’m always tempted to buy new fall accessories when fall/winter roll around, and there’s really no need. (It’s just that Etsy speaks to me, y’know?) But I have plenty of options that look good with my pink mane, and now they’re at my fingertips.

* Drinking Emergen-C like mad and having hand sanitizer handy (haha) all the time. It’s getting to a point where I’m too cold to ride my bike (I think I’m being a baby, really, but anyway), so I have to ride the bus. Damn, have you seen some of the folks who ride that? Coughin’ all over, touchin’ their eyes and then the poles in the bus, sneezing, etc etc etc. All I see is germs.

* Speaking of bussing around places, I’ve been using the Transit app on iPhones to find out when the next bus is coming (thanks to Matt for introducing me to this one). Nothing is worse than waiting outside unnecessarily for public transit in the freezing cold.

* Attempting to wake up early. People, myself included, get depressed in the wintertime because they’re cooped up in their offices working and never see the light of day. Now, I’m lucky to not work in an office, but I do still work during the majority of the precious winter daylight hours. I’ve been trying to wake up a bit earlier so that I finish up work and have a little time outside with my sunnies on.

* Purchased cider mix with the sole intention of adding bourbon to it. How else is a gal supposed to stay warm?

Anyone else fretting the long winter ahead? How are you dealing with it? Please, tell me your secrets!

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