All Hallow’s Eve

I love love love Halloween! There are some people in this world around us who don’t like to dress up and/or give candy to children (in a non-creepy way) and/or go out and look at everyone’s amazing costume. I personally feel very sad for them. If someone skeptically asks me why it is that I like Halloween, I would answer that question with a question: “Are you allergic to fun?”

In all seriousness, I understand that it’s not for everyone, but what’s so great to me about All Hallow’s Eve is getting to see some of the crazy creative shit people dream up. From carving pumpkins to amazing costumes, every year you will see someone and be like, “Whoah. They are doing something right.” Like at this party at The Knockout in SF this past weekend, there was some dude with huge plastic ears on, and he was wrapped up in this warm brown winter coat. I couldn’t figure out what he was until he got called up for the costume contest: Ikea Monkey. Genius!

My roommates and I have some pretty fab costumes lined up! Erica is going as the fox from the Ylvis music video, and she plans to respond to lots of people with “Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.” Rain will be moonlighting as the Hamburglar, and I hope that at some point we make it to In-N-Out (or at least a McDonald’s, where of course she wouldn’t order anything because yuck, but she could at least steal ketchup). As I’ve already mentioned in previous posts, I am a My Little Pony, which means most of my night will be spent dancing ridiculously and galloping around people.

photo 3(2)

Feelin’ prancy.

Anyway, whether or not you like Halloween, here are two fun Halloween-related things to enjoy!

The first is this amazing video. I thought this was like the coolest thing ever a few years back, because:

1) Zombies omg!

2) If I were caught in the midst of the Zombie-pocalypse, my main concern would be pizza also.

3) It’s like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books from when I was a kid. Look at how good I am at choices!

4) When this was first posted, if you made it through alive you got entered into a contest to win a year’s supply of pizza. *drools* A girl can dream, yeah?

5) I love pizza!

The other bit of Halloween fun is My Encounter with the Smiling Man. I found this on Reddit via Thought Catalog. It scared the pee out of me (in a good way) and I hope it does the same for you.

Happy Halloween, y’all!!

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