Things I Like Today: November 3, 2013

Happy weekend!

* My roommates and I were literally ROFLing while looking at The Reductress. The best way I can describe it is if the people writing The Onion decided to only do feminist articles and pop-culture satire. I tried to pick out a few articles that are my top picks, but they’re literally all so good.

* I first learned about Beyonce’s amazing photobombing here on Refinery 29. Why why why is she able to look so fabulous while photobombing? I usually make a horseface.

* This is a really inspiring piece that everyone should read. “With enough focus and diligence, you can turn your world into just about anything you please.” Amen.

* A photographer in NYC pulls strangers aside and photographs them in intimate poses. Not only are the photographs beautiful, but the reactions of those involved are pretty dern cool, too!

* This couple is basically like the coolest couple ever.

* I’m a huge fan of guerilla theater and organizations like Improv Everywhere. In the same vein, I love to see folks doing art installations that make people laugh, and this one definitely put a smile on my face. It seems like every MTA worker had their day brightened a bit by just a simple sign.

* Alas, Halloween is over. 😦 However, if you can’t get enough of people in cool outfits (and crazy good beats), check out this Awolnation song, Burn it Down.

* If you’re ready for some serious waterworks, read this amazing letter from a mom about what her autistic son’s high school football team did for him. It definitely puts some more of my faith back in humanity.

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