Things I Like Today: November 8, 2013

Happy Friday! Yeeeee! I’ve stumbled across a lot of cool shiznit this week:

* Combining a talent and a passion to create change is a beautiful thing. Mary Shannon Johnstone is an insanely talented photographer currently working on a project called Landfill Dogs, which are photos of pound pups. The pics are beautiful, but they also make me incredibly sad to see the number of dogs that haven’t found (or never found) a home. Animal overpopulation is a serious problem with a simple solution, so get with it, people! Listen to those wise words from Bob Barker and get your animals’ junk fixed. (Note: if you’re seriously brave, check out her site and other projects. Prepare for waterworks.)

* I was born and raised in the south, and I have heard about one of these sayings in my entire life. In other news, catawampus is my new favorite word.

* My cat (see below) can be a royal pain in the ass sometime, but I still like him. Especially after seeing some of these cats.

Little Bit

He decided to wake me up by sitting right on my face. Yup.

* Someone colorized famous historic photos, and they’re stunning! My favorite one is the photo of Charlie Chaplin because when I saw it I was like, “Wait, isn’t that the original?” I’ve seen that photo of young Chaplin before and I suppose those eyes just convinced me it was color. Check it out.

* The best advice I got in college was from one of my favorite professors. She said, “Your imagination is a muscle. Think up 10 impossible things every day.” I’m pretty sure these images by Caras Ionut are the sorts of things she was talking about.

* I loved this post about Sunshine the rabbit. At first it seems to just be about owning a pet, but there’s a sweet little life lesson to learn if you stick it out to the end.

* As someone who is interested in one day starting my own business, this advice was a wonderful read. Literally every single point is helpful!


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