Holidays that are Better than Christmas

I don’t like Christmas that much.

It’s great that some people find an immense joy in the holiday season. I love to be surrounded by friends and family, it’s great to eat lots of food (like, a lot, I love food), and it’s fun to give a gift to someone and show people you care about them. However, I feel like I can hang out with friends and family when I want to, and when airfare is cheaper. I can eat food when I’d like, of course within reason, and once my jeggings get tight I know to slow down. And if I really want to purchase something for someone, I can do it any time of the year, and honestly, a gift for no reason is super awesome.

This sounds cynical, but during my online shopping yesterday I realized that Christmas is really to provide people with a lot of good deals. Free shipping, sales, special discount packages, etc etc etc. Ugh, this all sounds terrible and I promise I’m not a grinchy person. The holiday season is fun! And sure, people do need a little reminder now and then (read: once every year in December) to be good people and give and think of others. If you really like Christmas (or Hanukkah and/or Kwanzaa, which aren’t as affected by the whole consumerism thing) then more power to you. I was actually just Skyping with my friend (hi, Leigh!) and she expressed the importance of a real, live Christmas tree in her life. Of course I want her to have a real damn Christmas tree and not a fake one! It will make her happy.

For me, though, I suppose I’m just a little more ambivalent about things because I like a few other holidays way more than Christmas. Sorry, Christmas, but it’s a fact. Here are some holidays that are better than Christmas:

* New Year’s Eve. Nothing like reveling in your accomplishments and saying a sweet goodbye to all the memories made in the last year. I like to make a point to have a fun NYE each year with people I care about or doing something enjoyable. It’s not because I need to experience some epic evening and get totally trashed (although CHAMPAGNE), it’s just a great night and I know I won’t have to work the next day even if it’s a weekday. Win.

* My birthday. Or, I suppose your birthday. But mine’s pretty great. Anyway, birthdays are the best! It’s a chance for you to get all your friends from every part of your life together to celebrate the fact that you got borned. That’s it. It’s a celebration because you exist. And even if you decide to spend the day solo, it’s prime time to reflect on how amazing you are and all the awesome stuff you’ve accomplished in x amount of years on the earth.

* 4th of July. Barbecues, alcohol, and beaches. Need I say more?

* Halloween. I cannot even express to you the importance of Halloween in one’s life. To those of you who could care less about this holiday, you take yourselves far too seriously and would benefit from letting your creative side shine a little. I like to use it as a chance to flaunt how clever I am and go out looking ridiculous with no questions asked. Society instills these obnoxious ideas in our head as to what is or is not acceptable, so it’s time to give society the middle finger.

* Whenever we “fall back.” If there’s one thing I love just as much as food, it’s sleep. If I could spend my days in bed and have someone deliver cheese and champagne to me I would become an incredibly happy albeit morbidly obese person. That extra hour we get each fall is such a sweet, sweet treat, and it reminds me that it’s the simple things that really make me happy.

* Thanksgiving. Yes, there’s food (which I adore), but the emphasis is placed on being with friends and family. It’s like Christmas, except the gift you bring is yourself and a casserole.


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