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Well, I’ve made it home for the holidays! If you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of 3 cats that I took while 2 other cats watched me from a distance (grand total: 5. I’M IN FELINE HEAVEN):

Cats Cats Cats

Cats Cats Cats

There’s a tree, there’s lots of critters, there’s family, there’s terrible movie choices (Flash Gordon, for example, which is on right now), there’s lots of food and wine, and life is good.

Now with the end of 2013 I’ve started thinking about resolutions. I don’t want to have another grumpy post and be all, “Resolutions are silly, nyah,” but honestly, I think doing resolutions at the start of the year is silly. Resolutions and goals are excellent to have. One of the most attractive things a person can have is ambition. In the past few years I’ve become especially aware of cultivating my long-term goals (still a work in progress obvi, because what am I doing with my life?! jkjk but rly), and developing healthy habits that contribute to my happiness. But while the beginning of the year is a sort of a fresh start for the world, it doesn’t seem to be the best time for a fresh start for an individual.

A few years ago, I was celebrating my birthday in a bar, and someone I’d met that night asked me what my resolutions were. She told me that she believed resolutions should be for birthdays, not the new year. At first, I didn’t really agree with her. I’d always considered New Year’s to be the time for resolutions, … because. Because it just was and always had been for me. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized she’s right.

It’s super personal to review the past 365(ish) days and think about where you’ve been (both emotionally and physically), your successes and failures, your relationships to those you love, and to think ahead. Why pick January 1st to do something so personal? You don’t exactly have a personal tie to that date, other than the fact that it’s the start of the new year. On a birthday, you can reflect on how you were born a little blob on this earth x years ago and now look at you! Taking names and kicking ass! Or whatever it is that you’re doing, y’know. Point is, striving to be a better person is an endeavor that takes more than just writing out a list of resolutions once the calendar year changes. Don’t give into the peer pressure and instead make your resolutions when they’ll really mean something to you (whether it’s your birthday, the New Year, or just a rando date, who am I to judge?).


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