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The Santa Cruz Winter

In lieu of Christmas gifts in December, my roommates and I decided to take an overnight trip somewhere. The holidays got a little crazy for all of us, so we scheduled our trip for a weekend in January, which, at the time, felt like forever away. As the date approached, we discussed ideas of where to go, like Napa, Sacramento, or camping further up north. After some debate, we decided on Santa Cruz, CA.

I was in Santa Cruz in November, right after Tofurky Day, and it was a wonderful place to be. In January, though, it’s even more blissful, while also sort of bizarre and unreal. We were walking around in shorts and tank tops, y’all. In January. I think back to the years I spent in New York, wearing multiple pairs of pants, 2 sweaters, a fleece, and a winter coat, all wrapped up in a scarf and hat à la the kid in A Christmas Story, and I laugh. Oh, me.

Honestly, though, Santa Cruz is a perfect little getaway, and while I haven’t been here in the summer, I think I kind of like the Santa Cruz winter. It’s not too crowded, the weather is stellar, and everyone is happy because winter in California is glorious. Seriously, winter is overrated. Long live a comfortable body temperature!

Anyway, here are some pics from my time in Santa Cruz!

Boardwalk Bowl, Santa Cruz

Boardwalk Bowl babetimes! I mastered the art of the granny bowl.

Thrift Shopping

We did some thrift store shopping, where I fell in love with this dressing gown. Swoon.

Betty Burger Shake

A Betty Burger shake is a shake that just can’t be beat.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

A little panorama action from the beach right by the boardwalk. That’s Erica setting up her kite!

Santa Cruz Sunset

A beautiful Santa Cruz sunset.

Laser Tag

I was sort of easy to locate during laser tag.

You can find more photos here at my Bonjournal–an awesome new site that allows you to share your adventures with others! 🙂

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