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Missoula, MT: Junior Mints, Snow, etc.

Hello from Montana!

All-Access Pass, nbd.

I’m here attending the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival for work. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am the Collaboration Agent for a production company, which basically means part of my work is finding films for us to distribute. Pretty cool, yeah? The majority of my time spent in Montana so far has been sitting in a movie theater, and I am totally fine with that. Like seriously, give me some Junior Mints and I am down. Still, I’m looking forward to exploring Montana a little more. When I booked my flight, I went ahead and gave myself a few extra days here after the fest–I’ve never been here before and it looked pretty beautiful from what I could find online–so I’ll have a chance then. I can only imagine what the rest of my stay will be like, because so far, Missoula has taken me pleasantly by surprise.


Hello Montana.

Basically, I wanted to post so that no one thinks I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. I’ll definitely have more about my trip soon! For this entry, I actually don’t have much of a point, except for two things:

1) It’s snowing. Like, it’s been snowing every day since I arrived. I’m an equal mix of giddy and annoyed. Sure it’s magical, but that also means it’s cold and I just can’t get on board with that. The constant flurries are lovely, but have made my dreams primarily focused around my thermal blanket.

photo 1(5)

Oh, just deer tracks right outside the Motel 6. Whatevs. Totally normal.

photo 2(5)

SNOW! Now please get me inside where it’s warm, kthnxbye.

2) I’m eating Junior Mints as I write this. I think I have a problem.

2 thoughts on “Missoula, MT: Junior Mints, Snow, etc.

  1. *laugh * You’re in my town! I started following you a while back… can’t remember how I found you, but I loved your creative stuff. (I also love your hair.) Things to do while you’re here… try Big Dipper Ice Cream. (They’re really, really good). You should check out the Carousel down in Caras Park – it’s just a fun activity. If you’re looking for fun/good places to eat, try Catalyst for breakfast or lunch (it’s right down the street from the Wilma, so you might have already), the Riverside Cafe is just down Front Street – a little expensive but it’s awesome, locally sourced food, and if you’re looking for something quick, there’s the Empanada Joint on Main just behind the Missoula HUB. Bars with character – The Iron Horse, The Old Post, and The Top Hat. (The Top Hat has music in the evenings.) There’s also the Walking Mustache, which is sort of upscaled diner food but still really good. Also – you’re here during the coldest part of the winter… it’s not always this bad! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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