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The Perks of Work Travel

I’ve been back in town now for a few days after over 2 weeks of traveling for work. I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely exhausted when I got back. I still can’t completely say that I’m back to my regular routine and all. But I do know how lucky I am that part of my job involves traveling, so I’m not complaining!

There are definite downsides to work travel. My biggest complaint is that it’s hard to feel healthy. Cooking my own meals was out of the question, since I had no time to do it. So while I tried to pick healthy options for my meals, sometimes it’s just inevitable that I ended up with a shitty veggie burger and some American cheese. Also, as a vegetarian, there is like literally nothing to eat at the airport, and to top it off I was able to exercise a total of 0 times while on the road. Aside from the health aspects, it’s also hard to be away from home and thus away from my friends and my fine feline. If I met up with people at the end of the day, they were people I’d just met a few days prior, and there was no cat to cuddle with at night. *the sads*

It snowed in Montana. Every. Day.

Despite all that, I do like work travel. I don’t want to glamorize it or anything, because it’s not like I was staying at the Hilton getting room service each day. But I’ve had a lot of skeptical folks ask me if I actually like being on the go for my job. Trust me: there are some perks.

You’re staying in a hotel and you can unwind however you need to after your day.

If I ever purchase a bottle of wine, a Milky Way*, and sit around the house and watch Cops, my roommates would think there is something seriously wrong with me (okay, the wine thing is pretty standard, but I mean in combo with everything else). I’d also probably feel pretty gross about wasting a night in like that. But believe it, my friends, it happened. It just feels like such a treat to be in a hotel (or Airbnb or other equivalent) and relaxing at the end of the day watching trashy tv, minus the usual day-to-day responsibilities. Did I miss my friends, roommates, and even my annoying cat sometimes? Sure. But I just don’t think they’d appreciate Cops the way I did in that Motel 6.

*You’re probably thinking, duh Theresa you didn’t feel healthy because you were busy eating Milky Ways. This happened once, okay? Okay.

Meeting new people is easy.

I love meeting new people, and it’s my favorite part of traveling. I grabbed drinks with some pretty rad filmmakers, got some of the most delicious nachos of my life with people who organized one of the festivals, and was even planning to go to a hot spring with a few people (alas, the weather was too bad, but what a nice thought!). There’s no reason to worry about how to strike up conversation with anyone–It’s bound to happen. And if you do have to go out of your way to make an introduction, it’s pretty standard. I think I was asked about 40 times if I had a film in one of the festivals simply because I had a pass hanging around my neck!

You’re seeing more of this world than some people see in their lifetime.

Travel isn’t a priority for everyone. Some people just need to get their priorities set straight, and many others literally can’t make it a priority because of money or other issues. Regardless, when I think about all the places I haven’t seen–even just in the US–I consider myself so fortunate to get to at least see some of these places that I might not otherwise visit. Also, as it turns out, I ended up going to some really cool locations. Missoula, MT was incredible, even with all the snow, and I’d love to return sometime (although probably in the summer heh heh).


Somewhere over the midwest. Not everybody gets to see a spectacular cloud cover from above!

You get to look forward to going home!

It’s terribly cliché but true: absence makes the heart grow fonder. There’s nothing like three degree weather, delayed flights, and poorly-made burritos to make you happy to be home again.


Denied. Well at least I’m happy to be back.

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