Birthday Resolutions


The most delicious birthday cake! Cake and photo credit: Honey Pie.

Exactly one week ago, I turned the big 2-6. While it’s hard to feel happy about officially being “mid- to late-20s” and no longer having insurance (current solution: avoid leaving the house), I won’t lie, my life is so so good. Like, if I could just allow my 16 year-old self to see me now, she’d be like Hell. Yes. I’m still about the same amount of awkward and uncertain about everything as I was 10 years ago (oh, who am I kidding, even 5 years ago), but at least I look classy while doin’ it.

As I mentioned before, I think that birthdays are the perfect time to reflect on the past year, and life in general. A year goes by fast, and a lot changes in those 12 months. My long-term goals, my weaknesses, and my talents have all sort of surfaced and I’m more aware of them now. I’ve seen how hard work pays off, not just in my own life but in the lives of people I love. I’ve fallen in love with new cities, and I’ve reconciled with New York, a place I will always call home and miss dearly. I’ve adventured emotionally, too, and found that I have a support system like nobody’s business. I’m surrounded by people who inspire me to be and do more.

I could go on, but I’ll save you. If I had to sum up my life in one hashtag, it would be: #blessed. Okay, that’s obnoxious and I really only say it ironically because I think it’s funny. But the bottom line is, you get what I’m sayin’ here and I don’t want to get all sappy on you.

So, to push myself to make this the stellar year it’s bound to be, I wanted to put together some resolutions so that in one year I can say, “Hell yeah, I did that!”

At 26 I will…

have no fear in the face of failure.

I have always been a bit of a perfectionist, and I also get down if I don’t quickly feel like I’m mastering something. This leads to me starting and then abandoning projects habitually. I’d actually prefer to not attempt anything than to try and fail miserably.

Honestly, I don’t feel like I have the time to tiptoe around and hope I don’t mess anything up anymore. I need to just let it go. There are so many other cooler things I could be doing than doubting myself.

make other people happy.

This is a hard resolution to measure or gauge in any way, but I’m feelin’ it. It’s certainly not because I think I’m making other people unhappy, but I’d like to continue to work on being an incredibly positive presence in the lives of others. For me personally, this means offering support, listening well, and forgiving. I want to inspire the people around me to feel better about themselves, and for them to know that their lives are better because I am in it. Peace and love, y’all.

love and peace

I’m going to be a total dork right now and reference Trigun. Yep. Did it. Source.

travel to new places.

Secretly I’ve always dreamed of how cool it would be to have a job that involved travel, and this dream usually involved a tour of Phantom of the Opera. Ahem. Well, I’m not with Phantom, but I do have a kickass job that gives me the opportunity to work from basically anywhere–and sometimes even sends me places–so I want to fully enjoy that! If I had to put a number on it, I’d say at least three new US locations, and a stamp or two in my passport, please, and thank you.

In related news, tell me everything you know about Greece. I’ve got my eye on them…

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.57.51 PM

My new favorite trip planner: Pinterest.

learn something new.

This past year, I got my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. I’m not gonna lie, I am pretty damn proud of myself for getting it. I’d thought about it years ago and never followed through, and then finally in December I decided to do it. The feeling of working towards something, of learning, and expanding my skills almost made me feel like I was back in college without a care in the world–almost. But now I’m teaching English online to people all over the world, so there’s that. *Cher hair flip*

Whether I get my motorcycle license, learn basic French, get scuba certified, take up the banjo, or who knows what else, I’d like to add something else to the list of unique awesome stuff I’m able to do.

take risks.

This encompasses a lot of things, and is pretty self-explanatory. I don’t mean physical risks (necessarily hehe), I also mean emotional ones. I’ve taken a few in the past year and they’ve been totally worth it.

My 26 is set to be spectacular. Thanks for being along for the ride!


Birthday happiness! Photo credit: Rain Delisle.

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