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Creating an Adventurous Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!

I ran across an article on a travel blog recently called, “How to Seek Out Adventure.” I was totally looking forward to reading something with some supercool inspiration and ideas, and was left unfortunately underwhelmed by a slideshow (umm, -5 for having a slideshow) of generic suggestions. To that I give a hearty, “Meh.”

I’ve decided to create my own list, not in slideshow form (you’re welcome). I wanted to put together a few suggestion to help create adventure, because adventure is sort of everywhere. Everything’s relative. If you can’t just up and go to Spain today (I can’t) then you can find adventure in your own goddamn kitchen if you want to.

So, go out and make it happen: here are 10 ways to create an adventurous weekend! 🙂

* Attend a get-together on Meetup. If you like something, chances are there are other weirdos just like you who like the same thing. From time to time, I meet up with other instant camera enthusiasts and we talk all things Instax and Polaroid cameras. We geek out, get a few drinks, and go home. Good times.

grand canyon

Note: This is not my backyard. But you get the idea.

* Go camping. Camping is hella cheap and you can camp basically anywhere, even your own backyard if you wanted to–anyone else ever do this as a kid?

* Take a class and learn something new. I just signed up for Skillshare, and I am so into it. You can take classes on business, fashion & style, technology, and more. It’s super empowering to say, “No, I can’t do that yet, but I want to learn,” and then to actually go out and do it.


SO GOOD. Pardon my midget thumbs.

* Read a travel memoir. I ❤ memoirs, and travel memoirs are right up my alley. I’m just about finished with Wild by Cheryl Strayed, which is AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, I know Oprah totally beat me to this one, but it’s a stellar book. Once I finish, I plan to move on to In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson.

* Plan your next vacation. I’ve really been enjoying Trover, which is like Pinterest for travelers. You can upload photos of your own “discoveries” and also organize other people’s photos into lists. Easy organization, the photos are original, and they usually include great tips and tricks from the traveler. (pssst, be sure to follow me!)

* Hike. Hiking is possibly my favorite form of exercise, because it really encourages my desire to explore, and I love getting from Point A to Point B using my own two feet. Even if you can’t get to a nature-filled spot, map out an urban hike in a new spot in your city that you haven’t seen yet.

* Watch the sun rise. Woof, I’m definitely not a morning person, so I can hardly believe I’m encouraging this. But of the few times I’ve actually woken up early enough and gone somewhere to see the sun rise, I remember them all.


The Seder plate.

* Go to a religious gathering. I attended my first Passover Seder last weekend, and it was such a unique experience. I don’t consider myself religious, but I do consider myself someone who possesses an open mind. As long as it’s coming from a place of love, jump at the chance to learn more about the beliefs of others.

* Drink and cook something with the My Drunk Kitchen girl. I thought I had found my spirit animal at Chevy’s once, but no, my friends, my spirit animal has been on YouTube all along. Behold: My Drunk Kitchen. Go for the nachos.

* Give yourself a tattoo. Hehehe.

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