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Quick Trip: Marin Headlands

Sometimes it’s nice to escape San Francisco. I do love SF, but I’m also the type of person that gets bored really easily. Only being able to wander wherever public transit or my bike may take me can get a little stale, so it’s always a real treat to rent a car and have all of Northern California within my grasp.

A couple weekends ago, I started to feel that desire to get out of San Francisco, if even for a short while. I decided to rent a car with Getaround, which is sort of a hybrid between a rideshare and a carshare–cars owned by other people in the city that you can rent when they’re not using them. I hopped on their site, perused my options, and I knew exactly the one I wanted to rent.

I chose Bitty solely because I wanted to drive a Smart Car. I do not care about safety ratings, storage space, or even how smooth the ride is (note: in a Smart Car, evidently, it’s not smooth AT ALL). I just wanted to be in a small little cute car and drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and Park it anywhere I damn well wanted to because it could fit basically anywhere I damn well wanted it to. That’s not too much to ask.

Bitty took me and my guy up to the Marin Headlands. I’d only been once before, and the views are kind of amazing. I mean, look:


I mean, seriously.


Marin is pretty gorgeous as well, and doesn’t serve as just a spot to set up your camera and take a nice photo of the bridge. There are tons of hiking trails throughout the area, a tucked away beach and lighthouse, and even if you just feel like parking on the road up you’ll have lots of old military sites to explore.


Looking down the coast of Marin.

I went to Marin to get away for a bit, and it just made me appreciate the city even more. When I was living in New York, I felt pretty trapped and I wasn’t surrounded by much nature (and New Jersey–woof). I literally had to hop on a train and travel for 2 hours before I could find any decent hiking. And I promise you, there were no views quite like this:


Marin > Dirty Jerz. I SAID IT.

If you’re planning a trip to SF, Marin is a must-see. If you live in the Bay Area, it’s a pretty amazing spot to check out from time to time to remind you what an amazeballs place you live in. 🙂

Oh! And Smart Cars are the shit.

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