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Hashtag Blessed

Happy Friday!

I am feelin’ oh-so-good today and want to gush a little.

Recently, my roommates and I started a morning ritual where we share one thing we’re thankful for. We don’t publicize it any way by posting it on Instagram or Facebook with a clever hashtag. Instead, we just share whatever it is that’s making us happy that day, and to me that feels more personal and meaningful to us all.


#blessed. Source.

Now normally I don’t do update posts, but these are all cool things that you can look forward to as future articles on here, so I figured I’d share and get you excited about them, too! I have every reason to be so so jeeped on life and it’s reminded me how blessed I truly am.

1) The Blogcademy.

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about how to give yourself a tattoo as entry for a scholarship to The Blogcademy.

Remember that time my roomie tatted me up for a Blogcademy scholarship?

Remember that time my roomie tatted me up?

Well, I’m going!

Thank you to everyone who read the post, shared it, liked it, and thanks for the general good vibes. It made me feel super awesome, and even if I hadn’t gotten a scholarship, I am so proud of that post. You can expect a rundown of the experience in the next coming weeks!

HaveHeart Magazine2) HaveHeart Magazine.

It’s the beginning of May, so you know what that means! A new issue of HaveHeart Magazine is out. You’ll find that there’s a new Travel That which features Missoula, Montana, which I can’t recommend enough because the little town was just that magical. But I also want to direct you to the other article I wrote for May: A Burlesque Dancer’s Guide to Loving Your Body.


Yours truly. Photo credit: Belle Arts.

Feminism and body image are issues that are near and dear to me, and through burlesque I’ve learned how to love myself and feel empowered in my body. I’m super confident in my own skin–although I wasn’t always!–and I share some of the things that I’ve done to become so comfortable. I hope you’ll check it and share with all the special ladies in yo’ life.

I will forever and ever amen promote my work on HaveHeart because I am jazzed to be working with that many amazing folks for a positive magazine geared towards women. Next month, I’ll have my usual Travel That (featuring Oakland, CA), and I have a great lil’ piece on what I learned from living in NYC. I’ll definitely be sharing them directly on here in June!


Beauty + wine. Source.

3) Upcoming travels!

Speaking of June, I have two exciting trips scheduled for next month that you are sure to hear all about:

The first is a bachelorette party that will be in Sonoma, CA. I only live an hour or so away from wine country, but I’ve actually only been there two times. I’m really looking forward to being chauffeured around, drinking delicious wines, and getting to know some new gals and my future sister better! And wine.

another alcohol

My life. Source.

The second is a trip to Vegas my roommate and I finally booked! I’ve also only been to Vegas twice, and both times I managed to get into just the right amount of trouble. We’re staying at the Flamingo and plan to do a lot of poolside lounging/drinking, KISS mini golf, and bottomless mimosa brunch. If you have other suggestions of rad things to do in Sin City, pass ’em along. 🙂


See you soon, Vegas.

That’s all for now–hope y’all have a kickass weekend!!

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