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Lady Luck and The Blogcademy 2014


The more I think about it, the less I believe that luck is merely happenstance and the more I see it as something a person creates.

I definitely believe in fortunate circumstances. Sometimes, you really are just in the right place at the right time, and things work out so serendipitously that it’s unbelievable. What a blessing to have met my amazing roommates (on Craigslist, no less!), been introduced to my main squeeze, or even to have been born into a family with really weird/fun siblings and incredibly supportive parents. My life is better with those people in it.

But aside from fortuitous timing and situations, more often than not, I think that people who have seemingly lucky things happen to them actually work insanely hard.


When I won a scholarship to The Blogcademy last weekend in San Francisco, I thought to myself, “Hot damn, am I lucky!” And as I walked into Makeshift Society and rolled my bike into the back (someone missed the bus, heh), I sat down and retraced the steps that got me to that very moment.

Over a year ago, I was introduced to Gala, Kat, and Shauna’s websites, which eventually inspired me to get off my butt and start this blog! I posted, discovered more of what I wanted Tremendous Times to be, as well as finding my voice as a writer. Eventually, I learned about The Blogcademy and dreamed up a blog post and planned multiple tattoo sessions for a scholarship entry, which I ended up getting. These all might sound like easy steps, but providing valuable content each week is actually a lot of work, and as a perfectionist I put the pressure on myself to make it better all the time.


After attending The Blogcademy, my views of luck are only further confirmed. On the outside, it’s easy to see the headmistresses living really stellar lives–traveling the world! fun clothes! such organization!–and to forget, or not even realize, how much work they put into everything they do. Hearing them all speak about their jobs and give examples from their own lives was certainly inspiring. But the valuable, technical details and information they offered about blogging is really the heart of what the weekend was.

In two days I gained a massive amount of blogging knowledge (bloggedge?), in what would have taken me literally years of blogging independently and countless hours of sifting through resources on the internet. I learned about social media, layout and design, branding, business, and more, all in a streamlined way so that I am more informed with the future decisions I make for Tremendous Times.


I don’t want to gush endlessly about what an amazing weekend it was, but just one more thing: the other people who attended were incredible. Everyone who attended had such different sites and it was just so cool to hear about them, from blogs to support a business to blogs to promote services to fashion blogs to lifestyle blogs to health and beauty and food blogs and beyond! It was a refreshing reminder that blogging isn’t just a hobby to some people. There are others out there just like myself who can see themselves taking it further and having a damn good time while doing it!

Maybe you agree with me that luck is created by an individual, and maybe you don’t. But no one can deny that I am an incredibly lucky individual to have attended The Blogcademy, met Gala, Kat, and Shauna in person and learned from them, and to have come in contact with so many other fantastic bloggers.


If you have any questions about The Blogcademy–which I can’t recommend enough!–feel free to comment or contact me directly. Also, I’m feeling pretty dern inspired and motivated, and you may notice some changes in the next few weeks/months. Change is good, though, and I’d certainly welcome your feedback. 🙂

Adventure on, y’all!

Photo credits:
Blogcademy: Ingrid Chang via Jerry Yoon Photography


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