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Tremendous Tunes: The Girls Girls Girls Playlist

Carry on luggage

What are your travel essentials?

Of course, I never travel without a camera, Neutrogena face wipes, and hand sanitizer, to name a few. But one of the first things I think about when I’m about to hit the road is, “What am I going to listen to?” I never, ever fail to prep a kickass playlist!

Striking up conversation with people is great, but sometimes I like putting on headphones and listening to some killer tunes to pass travel time. With music, I sleep easier on planes, I work more efficiently during long bus rides, I relax while trying to navigate down a bustling city sidewalk, and everything seems to go a little bit faster. A trusty playlist is especially helpful in keeping me calm when the unexpected happens while traveling–sort of like last week on my way to Omaha, Nebraska.

Omaha, Nebraska

I took a trip to the midwest for a wedding this past weekend, although not without a few unplanned detours along the way. On my connecting flight to Nebraska, the pilot informed everyone that we had a minor plane malfunction (!) and had to stop in Denver for maintenance. It turns out we had to switch planes, but not without a few tornadoes passing through first (!!!).

Dark skies over Denver.

Needless to say, as I sat in the airport for a few hours waiting for the rain and hail to pass, I was so glad I had this playlist! So for the inaugural post of Tremendous Tunes, I wanted to share the songs that got me from Point A to Point B (with a couple of stops in between) with sanity.

Now ever since watching the Katy Perry documentary on Netflix (so amazeballs!) I’ve been on a bit of a girl power kick. So this playlist is a compilation of lady bands, frontwomen, female soloists, and rad gal musicians. I have pretty eclectic taste, so there’s a bit of everything on here–Katy Perry (duh), A Fine Frenzy, Meiko, Tristan Prettyman, Iggy Azalea, and Tacocat, for example. There are old loves of mine that I wouldn’t dare leave off the list, like Jenny Lewis or Lykke Li, and then there are new loves like CSS and Deap Vally.

So have a listen, enjoy, and I hope this playlist treats you as well as it treated me this past weekend! You can check out the Girls Girls Girls playlist here, and you’ll also find it embedded below. 🙂

What kind of music do you like to include on your travel playlists? What sort of female-driven music are you currently listening to?


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