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Not at Burning Man? Enjoy the Burn from Afar!

Hello from Burning Man!

(Okay, actually I’m writing this on my phone on my drive up to Black Rock City. Technology!)

If you’re heading to the Burn yourself, stop by 7:00 and Antioch for a drink at The G-Spot Bar, and say hello! I’m pretty hard to miss. I’ll be the girl with the pink hair, the combat boots, and flower crown.

Something I discovered from writing about Burning Man is that people, Burners and non-Burners alike, are so intrigued to read about it. Even if you never have any desire to attend this weeklong fest yourself, you can’t deny that it’s an interesting social experiment to learn about. I mean, 70,000 people gather in the middle of the desert and create an amazing temporary city. You can find anything there — a place to get a massage, a zip line, a movie theater, a slushie oasis, performances, and sweet rides. And then once it’s over, you’d never know anyone was ever there. That’s pretty spectacular!

For those of you not joining me in the dust, here are a few ways you can enjoy the Playa from afar.

See some of the wacky people and things that are there.

The “Oh, The Places You’ll Go at Burning Man” (above) is something I am not ashamed to say I have watched multiple times and cried every time. The story is touching and classic, of course, it’s filmed really beautifully, and you get to see some of the cool art from the 2011 Burn. Most importantly, though, it shows you the variety of people you’ll find there — it features young, old, men, women, and all different backgrounds. It’s a wonderful reminder that literally anyone can be a Burner.

Take a gander at some of the art that will be there.

Burning Man is a city that embraces art and encourages sharing it with everyone. The art last year made me think, entertained me, and moved me, and I am beyond thrilled to see what this year will hold.

The Huffington Post wrote an exciting article about some of the structures that will be there this year. Check out here.

It all looks incredible, no? Embrace?! Like how do they even do that? Seriously amazing.

Watch it in real time.

I don’t think my parents knew Burning Man existed before I went last year. Honestly, I hadn’t even heard of it until I moved to California. When I told them what I was up to, they hopped on their computers to research this strange festival I was going to and discovered this site that live streams all of the Burn. Yup, they’re pretty awesome parents!

If you’re at all curious about Burning Man, this is a really cool way to see the city progress. Whenever you check in you’ll see more and more art structures spread around throughout the week and you can watch some of the wacky mutant vehicles driving around (my folks thought the large red sand shark last year was clever). Not only that, but you can also watch the Man and the Temple of Whollyness burn this Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be there in person, and if you can’t be I hope you check it out online!

Did any of these resources change your impression of the Burn? Which was most interesting or helpful to you and why? Have you come across any other articles or videos about Burning Man that were particularly striking?

Also, I promise it won’t be all Burning Man all the time on here — in fact, I have some exciting upcoming travel plans that I cannot wait to tell you about! 🙂 More soon.

6 thoughts on “Not at Burning Man? Enjoy the Burn from Afar!

  1. Yes, I’ll admit that after I read your post about the Burning Man, I turned to Google and did some research. Though I’d read about it before in a magazine, I never fully understood the concept, but as you said: it’s kind of difficult to describe the Burning Man. I hope you had a good time and am looking forward to your post about this years’ experience!

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