Wanderlinks 9.17.14

* Six follow-up questions with the gal who went on the craziest OkCupid date.

* The day after I wrote Laying the Foundation for a More Adventurous Life, I stumbled across a transcript of a talk by Alastair Humphreys. If you’re wanting even more advice on introducing adventure into your everyday life, I suggest you check it out. It’s a great way to start off the day!

* If you’re planning a wedding, here are 22 fun ways to incorporate your love of travel into your wedding.

* I’ve already told you how I’m not much of a swim-in-the-ocean person, but I have to say after reading this Nat Geo article on great whites I kind of want to go to the Neptune Islands and meet Jumbo.

* A lovely thought.

* MarieTV features wonderful interviews with amazing people — but this one about how to make your life more meaningful and exciting is probably my favorite thus far. If you’re feeling inspired, see if Chris Guillebeau’s tour makes a stop in your city. I’ll be catching him speak at the end of this month in SF.

* A pop-up recreation of Central Perk from the tv series Friends has opened in New York. Open until October 18th — I’ll be traveling to the city and literally missing it by a day! Anyone out there planning to check it out?

* This is an undeniably gorgeous timelapse of Burning Man 2013. I’m especially smitten with it because this was my first year at the Burn!

* I’ve only been to one of these, but I’d love to visit them all: 25 Epic Stargazing Destinations. Which one is top of your list to visit first?

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