Wanderlinks 10.1.14

Wanderlinks 10.1.14

* If you’re wanting to save up for travel and be a little smarter with your money in general, then this video with ways to build better money habits is for you. It’s super helpful! The host, Chris, discusses in-depth about some of the bad money habits you can have (I’m guilty of a lot of them!) and how to create better habits to reach your goals.

* Aaaand since we’re talking about money matters, I also loved this post about the gift society at Burning Man. Obviously, having a social market (versus a money market)  is nice because it creates equal opportunities for people, but it’s also cool that it’s proven to make people happier. 🙂

* Are you a flat packer or a roller? I tend to use a mixture of the two, but for my next trip I think I’ll try just rolling and see how it goes.

* Eating healthy while traveling is tough, and even more so if you have dietary restrictions like being a vegetarian (holla!) or dairy-free, for example. Luckily Angela at Goldenrod Pastries has some excellent advice on healthy airline travel. Yours truly even gets a little shoutout!

* I am super looking forward to being on the east coast a bit this month for my brother’s wedding. I’ll be in Boston for a day (what to do? Suggestions plz), Rhode Island for the ceremony, and then good ol’ NYC. I’m proud to say I knew 3 of these 10 little-known facts about the Big Apple.

* This post was so not what I expected (in a good way): 10 questions from 2 years traveling the world.

* I hope that whoever made this list of the oldest bars in every state got to go and drink at all of them. Or at least the one in Missouri.

* Oh! And do you find yourself in San Francisco this weekend? You absolutely need to check out Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, an amazing and FREE music festival in Golden Gate Park. If this warm weather keeps up for the weekend, lounging in the park and listening to live music in the sunshine will be absolute heaven. ❤

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