Wanderlinks 10.8.14

Wanderlinks 10.8.14

Three people, two dogs, one futon. ‘Nuff said.

* “And I’ve realized no matter how magical it is, Los Angeles (or any city) won’t do the magic for you—you have to seek it out.” TESTIFY. Stephanie Shar with some excellent thoughts on how to deal when routine becomes a rut.

* Check out these cool travel posters for places that don’t really exist. Ah, yes, I’d like to book one room at the Rivendell B&B, please.

* I adore photos of abandoned places, and ’tis the season with Halloween just a few weeks away! Here are 9 of the strangest eerily forgotten spots in Ohio, and this is an article with some history on Gare Lisch, the station that Paris forgot.

* It’s so easy to forget that the United States is huge, and there is so so much to see in it. I loved looking at these 10 amazing waterfalls in the US. I think top of my list to see would be Multnomah Falls in Oregon. Which one would you head to first?

* I understand that it’s comfortable to take off your socks and shoes, but after looking at the Passenger Shaming Instagram can we ban bare feet on planes? Seriously.

* Umm, this design for a five story house that hangs off the edge of a cliff is undeniably amazing and terrifying at the same time. Would you be brave enough to live in it?

* Christopher Dydyk has an unbelievably cool gallery of abstract photos taken in San Francisco, Palm Springs, and New York City. My eyes can barely handle the awesome.

* Okay, I never intend to give anyone a case of the sads, but I stumbled upon The Brittany Fund and it got me thinking — what would I do if I knew I only had six months to live? I’m pretty sure I would feel similar to Brittany, and want to divide my time between family, friends, and traveling with them. What would you do with such a precious amount of time?

* I’ve never been to Mongolia, but these 10 things that Young Adventuress Liz learned there spoke to me on a broader scale. There are some great life and travel lessons! Also, horse farts are hilarious.

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