Wanderlinks 10.15.14

Wanderlinks 10.15.14

* California, I love you, but experiencing fall from time to time (or at least, y’know, once a year) might be nice. Le sigh. These amazing before and after photos will have to do!

* 30 creepy places from around the world? Oh, it’s fine, I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway. (psst, be sure to go to the Hashima Island website for a virtual tour — *shudders*)

* I hope that this video inspires you to put your phone away from time to time and just live. Remember: “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” (Thank you, Ferris Bueller)

* Travel never goes as planned, but the things that go wrong often make the best memories. Have you ever had travel plans go awry, only to have another amazing experience instead?

* This festival is TERRIFYING. DO NOT SIGN ME UP.

* I have heard some pretty spectacular things about Turkey from a friend who studied there, and after watching Watchtower of Turkey, it’s moved even higher up on my list of must-see places.

* Travel pillows really do make a difference, and I’m definitely packing mine for my flight to Boston this evening. Would you try out a travel pillow like this? I prefer having a bit of support behind my neck, but I do like that this has a long piece of cloth that you can easily tie to your luggage, making it way easier to hang onto!

* Traveling alone can be intimidating, but here is a list of ten places that are especially great for solo travelers. Where have you traveled by yourself?

* I have a weird thing about heights. For example, I’m perfectly fine to go skydiving, but get me somewhere high that I have to peek over a ledge and look way down, and then I just try to get as low to the ground as possible like a cat on a trampoline. I definitely got a little woozy looking at some of the world’s scariest bridges. Pretty much every single one of them is a big order of nope with a side of nope.

* Leah Missik offers some stellar advice on what to consider before volunteering abroad to make sure you’re really helping your cause.

* Looking for some good travel books? Research some reads on the road right here!

* A few Tremendous posts you might have missed: Visiting San Francisco vs. Living in San Francisco, The Budget Bus Rider’s Rule Book

* And did you know I’m on Instagram? I am. I’m traveling on the east coast for the next week, so I’m sure to have lots of awesome pics going up! 😀

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