Wanderlinks 10.23.14

wanderlinks 10.23.14

I’m baaaaaack! NYC was, as always, completely superb. I just got back last night and am still so so tired, but I can’t wait to tell you more about my trip. For now, enjoy some stellar link love:

* After seeing Norway’s new banknotes, I think it’s officially time we update the US Dollar and add more color and even a little bit of glitter.

* In late December I’ll be off to Iceland for a little New Year’s trip, and I am really hoping I get to see the Northern Lights. This article about how to find the Northern Lights has wonderful advice if it’s on your bucket list as well. There are even tips on how to set up your camera so you can get good photos!

* I love it when I find articles by other bloggers who also believe that you can have adventures close to home! Emma has some great thoughts on how to alleviate wanderlust without traveling.

* Anyone facing graduation this December or coming May? When I entered my senior year of college I thought about applying for a Fulbright scholarship. In the end I didn’t apply (I was busy doing about 5 billion other things), but it’s such an awesome opportunity if you’re interested in traveling once you have your degree. But you have so many options! In face, here are 5 ways to travel post-graduation.

* One of the most magical places to be around the holidays is New York. If you’re planning on being in the city on turkey day, here are 5 tips for viewing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I had no idea you could watch the balloons being blown up the day before! Pretty darn cool.

* Traveling solo is not nearly as dangerous as people like to think it is. It’s simply that “Solo adventurer travels the world, has amazing time, returns home safe and personally fulfilled” isn’t a very exciting news headline. While I’ve had hesitations when I’ve couchsurfed by myself, everything always turned out fine — I either tried to stay with a friend of a friend of a friend or scoured all the reviews on Couchsurfing.com. Here are some excellent tips when you find yourself couchsurfing as a solo traveler.

* This beautiful article on the art of slowing down in a museum makes me want to try out a new approach when I view art in galleries.

* Travel is stressful. I was reminded of that this past week, bouncing around from Boston and its suburbs, a small little town in Rhode Island, and New York. For some (like myself) the stress is seen as a challenge and is almost enjoyable, and for others it can be a bigger hurdle to overcome. No matter what, this post on the ways travel can help us cope with anxieties shows how taking the plunge and exploring can teach you valuable life lessons.

* I’m not sure if I could afford this NYC penthouse, but I’ll put it on my Christmas list.

* Inspiring: 10 Things You Need to Learn to Start Living the Life of Your Dreams.

2 thoughts on “Wanderlinks 10.23.14

  1. Whaaat?! I’m from Norway and had no idea about these new banknotes! That’s probably a sign that I’ve been gone for too long, ha. Anyway, great links!

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