Wanderlinks 10.29.14


Wanderlinks 10.29.14

* Happy early Halloween! Go check out some scary stuff: 38 abandoned placesthe world’s most haunted forests18 ultra-creepy spots that will give you chills, 5 of America’s spookiest ghost towns, and even more eerily beautiful abandoned places. Have fun sleeping with the lights on!

* If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you are going to go crazy for the 27 greatest places to get hot chocolate. Have you been to any of these cafes? I’ve only been to Dandelion, and I can promise you it is to. die. for.

* Have you ever been a house sitter while traveling? I’ve certainly considered it, and after reading this post on how to get started house sitting I am even more intrigued. I’d love to hear if you have experience with this! What website did you use, how long were you there, and did you run into any problems?

* I never drink tomato juice or V8 unless I’m flying. For whatever reason, I just crave it, and for the longest time I’ve never known why…until now!

* I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Instagram Hyperlapse app, and I always enjoy watching time-lapse videos (there were oodles from Burning Man that made me squee with delight). And now there’s layer-lapse. Using this effect, different parts of a scene and different objects can have separate distinct clocks. It’s kind of hard to explain, really, so just take a look at this undeniably cool layer-lapse of Boston.

* These tips for ways to save on holiday travel may seem like common sense, but they’re excellent reminders! Traveling at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s can be pricey, so every little bit helps when you find yourself on a tight budget. My main holiday travel tip is to reach out to people you know — maybe you’ll be able to carpool home, get a ride to the airport, or have a couch to crash on halfway to your destination.

* Someone take me here. Plz.

* Wanting to splurge and visit 5 of the best Christmas markets in Europe? They all look amazing (although I’m thinking Switzerland is highest on my list), and I just wish it were a little cheaper for me to pop on over to Europe.

* Lifesaver! Here’s a list of 27 free (or cheap) things you can do when payday is far away. Up next on my agenda: #12, #17, and definitely #20.

* These images of 25 bizarre international borders are fascinating to look at.

* Airlines are getting more and more clever with their safety videos! Check out the new one for Air New Zealand, which is clearly the most epic safety video every made. I mean, literally. Also, hellooooo Elijah Wood. Now excuse me while I go watch the extended DVDs of Lord of the Rings.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed:  All Hallow’s Eve. This is a purely fun little blog post throwback to last year’s Halloween when I was just starting this blog!  That My Little Pony costume will be tough to top, but I’m gonna try.

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