Wanderlinks 11.12.14

Me by the Berlin Wall/East Side Gallery

* Loving this short video of LA Light.

* A few days ago, November 9th, was the 25 year anniversary of the East and West German border opening. Although I was only a year old when this happened, I remember watching some news footage in my high school German class about the fall of the Berlin Wall as well as seeing it in person at the East Side Gallery (in the awkward-high-schooler image above). The history of the wall is absolutely fascinating, and I enjoyed scrolling through these images that show it from construction to destruction.

* Oh my stars, I want to visit every single one of these amazing metro stations from around the world. Some of them look unreal.

* Although I live in San Francisco and spent a few years in New York, I’m from a very small town in South Carolina. These pictures of rural post offices reminded me of some of the post offices I’ve seen back home, and they each have a little character and local flavor to them.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly just released their Water issue, and it includes stunning photography and stories from Italy, California, Norway, and more. (Also, I was the assistant editor for this particular issue — no biggie!)

* I’ve talked a lot on here about setting goals and following your dreams on here, but remember it’s okay to let go of your dreams, too. You aren’t a failure if you decide that you no longer want to pursue something, it just means that you’re human and naturally you change and adapt. Here are a few questions to ask if you’re thinking of walking away from a goal. Have you ever happily given up a big goal, and what was the process like?

* I don’t mind an art museum here or there on a trip, but I’m usually not a big fan. However I do think this would definitely make museums way more interesting for me.

Small things do make a difference.

* I’ve taken trains in the US and in Europe, and while it’s certainly a quaint way to travel I can’t say any of my trips were quite as swanky as some of these epic train journeys. Who wants to join me on the Golden Eagle Arctic Explorer in Russia? 🙂

* Well, I evidently have to plan another trip back to NYC to visit some of these hidden bars. There is nothing cooler than a whiskey drink at a little underground speakeasy. Anybody ever been to any of these spots?

* As a blogger, I can’t disconnect completely — my only exception is Burning Man! But I do have to draw lines for myself so that I’m not constantly attached to my phone, otherwise I feel like my relationships would suffer and I wouldn’t enjoy my life experiences as much. If you find yourself tied to your phone like its your oxygen source, you aren’t living. Here are 3 simple ways to be (slightly) less obsessed with your phone.

* The Women in Travel Summit just announced their schedule, and I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to speak at this conference! If you’re at all interested in travel, blogging, and meeting amazing entrepreneurs from around the world, you should consider joining me in Boston this March.

* And here’s a handy little cheat sheet to being in the here and now and getting more enjoyment out of your life!

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Making Coach Comfortable, Pt. 1: Before You Fly.

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