Wanderlinks 12.3.14

Wanderlinks 12.3.14

* In less than a month I will be in Iceland, eeeee! As you can see in the picture above, my cat is super helpful with planning. =^.^= Anyway, one of the big things I’m excited about while there is snorkeling in Silfra, between continents. Nbd.

* Take a few minutes and scroll through these 50 amazing photos from around the world. Damn the earth is cool.

* Lots of people spend Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year’s/etc. solo, but just because you’re stag doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it! I loved this list of 20 fun ways to spend a holiday alone.

* There is officially an airplane apartment on AirBnB. Sign me up!

* Here are 20 of the world’s most dangerous hikes. I love hiking, and a little over a year ago I learned about the Mt. Hua Shan trek (the fourth one in this list). It sounds unbelievably dangerous and beautiful and crazy and wonderful and awful all at once. It would be complete insanity and I want to do it one day. I think.

* Norway, any chance you can hook me up with one of your new beautiful passports? Pretty please?

* Hey you! You have the power to make someone’s day.

* There are some unbelievably gorgeous landscapes captured in these images.

* I have a bit of a morbid fascination with the Chernobyl incident, so you can imagine how smitten I am with this short film shot in abandoned Pripyat, located about 2 miles from where the disaster took place. If you love that, also check out this excellent news piece from 60 Minutes about the catastrophe that never ended.

* Sure, you’ve heard of Paris and London and New York, but here are some of the world’s least visited countries.

* This is a pretty intense video of India (and evidently the first in a series). Just wow.

* Sooooo I’m a little confused. There are postboxes…located underwater?

* If you’re feeling a little stuck in your life, the advice is simple: just be yourself.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Why I’m Returning to Burning Man (I kid you not, I had a Burning Man dream the other night…missing Black Rock City like crazy right now!)

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