Wanderlinks 12.12.14

Wanderlinks 12.12.14

* I flew to LA late Wednesday night and literally just missed the #HellaStorm in San Francisco! Here are some pretty crazy images of the massive amount of rain the Bay got yesterday.

* Ahhh! A green cat spotted in Bulgaria!!

* Take me here, please.

* With the holidays, I’ve seen oodles of “Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers” posts, and a lot of them say the same things. However, this list of cool gifts for travelers from the Travelettes is amazeballs — it’s very thorough and has so many suggestions!

* Stunning photo adventures of a dog and his favorite person while they travel the USA. Love these! Also it kind of makes me want a dog. Just a little bit.

* The idea of “the new rich,” or valuing experiences over things.

* Awesome skyline porn from Toronto — you know I’m a sucker for those time-lapse videos. 🙂

* I’m not sure how I feel about wearing these on flights. Thoughts?

* Well, this Indonesian Batik alphabet looks like some stellar tattoo inspiration, if you ask me!

* I’m all for seeing the world with fresh eyes, so naturally I loved reading about how to travel the world (without leaving London).

* Sometimes you need to get a little creative when booking flights overseas.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Laying the Foundation for a More Adventurous Life.

Photo credits:
Death to the Stock Photo

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