Wanderlinks 12.18.14

Wanderlinks 12.18.14

* These grim roofers are spooky and awesome — and they’re in San Franicsco. How have I not noticed them before?!

* Omg this calendar is beyond beautiful.

* Wondering what to do with yourself during that weird week in between Christmas and New Year’s? Wonder no more.

* I’m not a big fan of winter (I live in California, people), but these gorgeous ice and snow formation photos make winter seem not so bad.

* Real-life escape games exist. If you’re a video game freak or a wannabe-sleuth, this is totally your thing — but honestly, the concept sounds pretty dern awesome. Here are some practical tips (and a few of the best ones you can find in LA).

* Uhhhhh…in case you were wondering, doing this is probably not the best idea before your plane is about to take off. Just a guess.

* Thinking of attending the Women in Travel Summit this March but not sure if you can afford it? Well they just announced their partner hostel for the conference for those of us on a budget.

* In case you were on an electronics-free yoga retreat yesterday, you probably heard that Cuba and the US are renewing diplomatic relations. Here is an eloquent reaction post that a friend of mine (who is part Cuban) shared with me.

* Here’s a beginner’s guide to budget airfare in Europe. All the good tips and suggestions in one place!

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Road Trip Ready: 10 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Adventure on the Road.

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