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10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers You Can Get By Christmas Day

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers You Can Get By Christmas Day

If you finished your holiday shopping in August, then 1. good for you and 2. you are missing a very vital part of the holidays. Part of the holidays is running around last minute feeling like a complete moron for putting all your holiday shopping to the last minute. It’s the holiday spirit! Everyone does it!! Right?!

This year was the first in a very long time that I put off getting gifts until way too late. I sat around a lot of Saturday looking at hundreds — yes, hundreds — of websites to try and find the perfect gifts for the last few folks on my list. I had originally thought that the last two people I was searching for would be the easiest to shop for, but I was very, very wrong. After hours of searching (and a bit of kicking myself for letting it go until like 5 days before Christmas, yeesh), I luckily found perfect gifts for everyone on my list. Wheeee!

If you’re all done with your shopping, then good for you! Sit back, relax, and drink something that’s been spiked with alcohol, you lucky duck. However, if you’re still searching for a few good ideas, then look no further! Here are 10 things you can get for the travel lovers on your list, you last minute shopper, you. Some of them are experiences and some of them are actual items. Some of them are expensive and some of them are stocking stuffer appropriate. The great news is that all of them can be easily purchased in time for Thursday. 🙂


1. Tickets to a concert or a show

An evening of music or theater is always a thoughtful gift, and the tickets can be any price range that suits you.

2. A collapsible water bottle

This is an absolute savior for people on the go. Vapur water bottles take up less space when they contain less water and are awesome for any kind of travel. I got mine at Target for under $10.

3. An airline gift card

Gift cards get a bad reputation for being insincere gifts, but I say nay. When your loved one buys a plane ticket and uses your gift card, they will be so happy and thankful you gave that to them!


4. Enroll them in a class

Is there a skill that this person has always wanted to master but hasn’t been able to yet? Maybe a cooking class or lessons for making pottery or even a language class. Alternatively, you could always gift a Skillshare membership, which is an online learning community, so they can learn new skills on their own time.

5. A sleep mask

Sure, they’re excellent for traveling, but they’re also nice to have when you’re in your own bed at home. I honestly didn’t know that sleep could be so peaceful until I started using one each night!

6. A Kindle (or other type of e-reader)

I don’t have a Kindle myself since I get motion sick if I read too much in a plane/train/automobile. But my friends who are avid readers all love traveling with an e-reader and say it saves space, too.

Big Sur

7. Living Social/Groupon/Zozi experience

I got a few gifts this year on Living Social and I am beyond excited to give them to my family! There is something for everyone on these sites, from meals at restaurants to massages to sporty activities and getaways. There are oodles of options, so set aside a couple hours to comb through them all.

8. A Snapfish gift card

With it, someone can print postcards, photo books, calendars, and more using photos from their travels. I gave one of these to my brother recently after his honeymoon so he and his wife can preserve and share the memories in whatever way they’d like!

9. A bottle of wine or spirit

If you happen to know that someone loves a particular area or culture, this is perfect. Look for a bottle of wine or a hard liquor from that region — Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or tequila from Mexico, for example.

10. A plane/train/bus ticket

I mean, duh.

What other gift ideas do you think travelers love? What other gifts are easy to get at the last minute? What’s on your wishlist this year? 

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