Wanderlinks 1.7.15

Wanderlinks 1.7.15


I just got home from Iceland yesterday — the photo above is from the Diamond Circle, and you can see some photos from my journey on my Instagram. I’m still a little groggy and weird, but mostly I’m just so happy and my heart is full to the brim with wonderful feels. Iceland is unbelievable and I’m already planning a return trip (I wish I were joking). I have so many amazing things to tell you about and I can’t wait to share them all! While I take a few days to catch up on sleep, I hope you enjoy some of the cool stuff I’ve found on da interwebz recently:

* 2014 in pictures, according to the NY Times.

* If you’re planning on attending Burning Man 2015, maybe consider volunteering with this amazing project. I mean, damn.

* Have you ever purchased a hidden city ticket? If you’re looking to save money on flights, this could be something to try out!

* “When something makes us curious, it’s normally because pursuing it will answer a question about ourselves we didn’t even know we were asking.” Make 2015 a curious year!

* A very thorough survival guide for those long-haul flights.

* 10 excellent travel resolutions for 2015.

* Russia, Mongolia, China. This video of a man’s 3-week journey by train through these countries is as eerie and haunting as it is fascinating.

* Paying off debt? I wish I weren’t, but I am, and it helps to know I am not alone. Here’s how to pay it off (a lot) faster.

* The luckiest Elizabeth Gallagher in Canada! If you were asking about that Canadian looking for a travel partner to take his ex-partner’s round-the-world plane ticket, then here’s your answer.

* I’m itching to visit Russia, but I don’t know if I’d be able to handle the cold in Oymyakon.

* Here’s a minimalist’s packing list so you can stock up on experience.

* Norwegian road trip, anyone?

* Yuzzzz please: 8 ways to save on travel this year.

* Want to whittle down your belongings a bit? Here are 10 things you can throw away right now (or, really, you should sell or donate).

* Living in NYC vs. Living in San Francisco. YUP.

* This is a beautiful piece on human connections and feeling unbearably lonely when you just can’t be alone.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Mo Money Mo Problems: How Do I Create Adventure When I’m Broke?

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