Wanderlinks 1.14.15

Wanderlinks 1.14.15

* 9 ways to satisfy your wanderlust if you’re not able to travel right now.

* “America is the only advanced economy in the world that does not have government-mandated, paid time off” An intriguing discussion on why vacation is just something Americans aren’t good at.

* The only thing I couldn’t capture during my trip to Iceland was the Northern Lights. I saw them at least 4 times and they were always magnificent! Luckily, this Northern Lights timelapse will actually allow you to experience some of what I saw. 🙂 Expect more Iceland posts and pics soon!

* I was never able to be a reader on the subway — it would always make me miss my stop! But these photos of subway readers are quite lovely.

* Did you know you can create custom Google maps for a trip, even complete with identifying icons? Here’s how.

* I am one thousand percent obsessed with this travel wallet. It’s pink, which makes it all the more awesome.

* As an extrovert, I found this piece on the realities about traveling as an introvert an insightful look into the different ways that people travel.

* No big deal, just gonna rent Peter Pan’s hideout on Airbnb.

* You’ve not seen photos of New York City quite like these before. Absolutely stunning. And the story behind how the photographer captures them is kind of terrifying!

* If you want to buy someone the world, it’s currently in a convenient box set.

* Squeeee! Snow cats!!

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: 8 Tips for Visiting New York City.

Photo credit:
Death to the Stock Photo

3 thoughts on “Wanderlinks 1.14.15

  1. I enjoyed the link on why Americans dont vacation, I have always taken all of my available days. One reason might be that companies will pay out unused days and that is an incentive not to use them, it seems like many companies in the UK will not do this.

    • That’s a really good point! I can definitely understand someone in a tight position financially wanting that extra cash, but not realizing the value in time off.

      I think because Americans have such regimented work lives, we feel like we have to “make the most” of our travels. Because we don’t have government-mandated time off, our vacations become just as planned out and particular as work! I hope this changes one day soon…

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