Wanderlinks 1.22.15

Wanderlinks 1.22.15

* Patrick Stewart as the annoying people you encounter on planes? Yes plz.

* A great excuse to take your passport to da cluuuub.

* This church on a tiny island is Russia is so so beautiful.

* What would your Canadian ice hut look like? Mine would be pink with glitter, obviously.

* If you’re looking to save money for travel, start here — lots of great resources!

* An analogy to help you with the decisions that are hard and right.

* Lovely winter wonderlands from around the world.  I’d personally add Reykjavik to that list!

* America is weird and awesome and these roadside giants prove it.

* Welp, this enormous photo from NASA of the Andromeda Galaxy should make you feel pretty tiny.

* All the essentials for the magical tropical getaway I’m dreaming of right about now.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Visiting San Francisco vs. Living in San Francisco.

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