Wanderlinks 2.4.15

Wnaderlinks 2.4.15

* See some of the world’s most iconic buildings in daytime and nighttime — at the same time.

* #SquirrelTruth!

* Update: Portland is still weird.

* The phenomenal and talented Lynsey Addario shares what it’s like to photograph a war zone when you’re pregnant. FYI, her memoir comes out tomorrow.

* Some incredibly honest thoughts on becoming an adventurer.

* Just over 70 years ago, Auschwitz was liberated by troops from the Soviet Union. This is Auschwitz now.

* So I think it’s worth going to Spain just so I can come back looking like this. So cool!

* Ever wonder what happens to the old subway cars when NYC gets brand new ones?

* I ~love~ this list of alternative things to do in Paris!

* Some inspiration to kick your butt into high gear today.

* 27 Things San Franciscans Do Better Than Everyone Else. Yes x 27!

* Want to build a business and also travel at the same time? Tim Ferris shares how he did it, no bullshit. Seriously — from what equipment he uses and what he packs to who you should travel with and communicating with clients.

* Looping storm gifs are equally awesome and scary.

* If you needed another reason to fly Virgin America: it can make you smarter.

* I imagine that this sweet potato gnocchi is the next best thing to dining in Italy. Dinner tonight? *drools/dies*

* When traveling means leaving behind the ones you love.

* Want to hear me speak in person about blogging & traveling? Get tickets to the Women in Travel Summit in Boston this March! I’ll be there along with a lineup of other amazing speakers. I am SO excited!

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: What You Should Think About Before Starting a Long Distance Relationship.

* PS Did you know I’m starting a newsletter? It’s true! Sign up now for Tremendous Times Journal to receive 1-2 monthly emails of additional content. Also, you’ll be the first to receive my awesome mini e-guide called Resources for Everyday Adventurers, which I’m releasing later this month. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Wanderlinks 2.4.15

  1. Girrrrl, thanks for the mention! Lovin’ the links – I simultaneously want to plan a first trip to Portland, second trip to Paris, and am both intrigued and concerned about where subway trains go to die…

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