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5 Kickass Alternative Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day (Whether You’re Attached or Not)

5 Kickass Alternative Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

It seems that most people either love or hate Valentine’s Day. I actually don’t have strong opinions about V Day either way, but I do know that a day to celebrate the people in your life that you love certainly can’t be a terrible thing. However, we’re taught to believe that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for couples and people in love, but where does that leave people who choose not to be in a relationship, who are going through painful heartbreak, are in a non-traditional relationship, or have an unrequited love?

Valentine’s Day can be for everyone, we just have to make it that way. So this year, let it be a day that you spend appreciating all the wonderful relationships you have — family, friends, and significant others. St. Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, which means you have the entire day to be a lover and not a hater. Grab your sweetheart, your peeps, your parents, your roommate, or whoever else you appreciate having in your life and do something awesome with them or for them.

If you’re looking for a kickass way to spend your Valentine’s Day, here are 5 cool alternatives to dinner and a movie that you can share with anyone you damn well please (or even do solo!):

1. Go on an expedition.

Hunt for something amazing in your town or city: skeeball venues, gorgeous vistas, street art and murals, the best margarita, vintage stores. Set out on a quest and see where you end up. I’m a personal fan of photobooth hunting because it not only takes me to cool places I might not have checked out otherwise, but the whole trip is documented in fun pics. 🙂

2. See a live show.

There’s just something magical about live entertainment! Performers love what they do, and when you see someone amazing perform onstage you will love them for sharing their talents with you.

I adore circus arts and burlesque, so this Saturday I’m going to a vaudeville freak show in downtown LA. Mortified Live has some V Day show performances all over the US, and their shows, comprised of adults reading from their embarrassing childhood journals in front of strangers, are hilarious perfection. For other ideas, check out your city’s local paper or events website to find a concert to go to, a play to see, or a comedy club to stop by.

3. Be a kid.

Six Flags, local fun parks, Disneyland or Disney World for those of you in CA or FL, and Dave & Buster’s for those of you who are 21+ — all stellar options to kill some time this Saturday. Go karts, bumper cars, mini golf, roller coasters, arcade games, and junk food. Add laser tag and your Valentine’s Day is bound to be legen — wait for it — DARY.

4. Get outside.

Even if it’s just for a little bit, a walk around your neighborhood or laying out in a park is a sweet but simple way to spend your time. Go for a bike ride (tandem, anyone?), have a snowball fight, fly a kite.

To take it up a notch, go somewhere to watch the sunrise Saturday morning. It’ll be a beautiful way to start your day, whether you’re a morning person or not — and if you’re not (*hand raised*) then you can crawl right back into bed afterwards.

5. Make art.

Channel your inner Girl/Boy Scout and have a craft day. Turn to Pinterest if you need some help — you could either search for crafty ideas or simply look up lovely images that inspire you. If you can trust yourself walking into an art supply store and not walking out with a massive amount of debt, then see what sorts of supplies interest you and stock up.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, sit down with someone (or someones) and do portraits of each other. You don’t have to be a crazy talented artist for this to be fun! Portraits can be super detailed or abstract, realistic or totally wild, serious or silly. Showing someone what you see and getting to see yourself through someone else’s eyes is a very special thing.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? What do you plan to do this V Day? What are other alternative ways to spend time with those you love?

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