Wanderlinks 3.27.15

Women in Travel Summit

* Happy Women in Travel Summit! I’m currently in Boston for WITS15, which kicks off today and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m speaking Sunday, and you can follow along with all the action this weekend on social media using #WITS15.

* I love this wholesome, new take on the bucket list.

* Boo, San Francisco! This is a little out of control: 5 castles that are cheaper than an apartment in SF.

* Woohoo, San Francisco! Banning the sale of plastic water bottles will certainly be an adjustment, but I am so happy this is a thing.

* David Best designed last year’s temple at Burning Man, and I love his consistently gorgeous, intricate designs. Here are some beautiful photos of a temple he built in Ireland burning.

* Traveling as a woman requires an extra level of awareness, as Adventurous Kate will attest in her list of safety tips for travelin’ gals.

* I’m in love with Relokate’s video blogs, and they come at a time when I’ve actually been thinking of recording some of my own. What do you think? I think I’m weird on camera but it could be fun! (ps suggestions welcome)

* According to the Myers Briggs Personality Test (and, uh, Thought Catolog), I should live in Rio de Janeiro. Where should you live?

* Hell yes, reverse culture shock is real.

* Water-activated street art in rainy Seattle. So genius!

* Want to travel somewhere that isn’t crazy stupid expensive? Here are 10 of the cheapest countries to travel to.

* A few rental car tips for frugal folks (like myself!).

* This photos from this Icelandic elopement are so dreamy and perfect. Also, I believe that I was at the exact spot they had their ceremony! Also also, I want to go back to Iceland like yesterday.

* A Tremendous post you might have missed: Music Festival Packing List (the festival season is upon us).

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Women in Travel Summit

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