Tremendous Tunes

Tremendous Tunes: The “I’m So Over Winter” Playlist (aka Come On, Summer!)

Tremendous Tunes: Come On, Summer

The second my plane landed in Boston, I looked outside with dread: snow. I hadn’t even set foot on the east coast and I was already totally over winter.

My brother had warned me that this winter had been a particularly nasty one for the east coast, and he wasn’t lying. While there weren’t any snow flurries (that day, at least), there were piles of snow on the ground. And I always say, where there are piles of snow just sitting around, it is cold. Okay, I don’t say that, but I think that. Damn Boston, you cold!

Boston in the snow

It’s a little hard to tell, but this is snow falling during Women in Travel Summit in 30 degree weather. :-O

Aside from being relatively not functional in cold weather, I’m pretty spoiled weather-wise since I live in LA. Today, a slightly chilly and rainy afternoon, is still far better than any 30 degree weather or snowfall I’ve ever experienced. Even though the winter here has been mild, I’m excited for summer and love the feelings that summer brings with it: carefree time spent in the sun, gloriously slow afternoons spent in shorts and t-shirts and swimsuits, long days that are sweet and never-ending, and dreamy sunsets with splashes of every color imaginable.

Yup, I’m ready for summer. Are you?

Whether you’re like me and experienced a winter that was pretty much summer already, or if you’re beyond excited to put away those snow boots, here’s some music to get you even more ready for that heavenly summer vibe.

Listen to the summer music playlist on Spotify, or listen to it below!

What’s your favorite thing about summer? What would be your dream summertime trip?

Photo credits:
Death to the Stock Photo

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