Wanderlinks 4.17.15

Wanderlinks 4.17.15

Happy Friday!

* I’m heading to New Orleans in May and would love love love any advice or suggestions you have! Comment below or contact me on social media. ๐Ÿ™‚

* Support an amazing artist’s final sculpture in The Bliss Project at Burning Man. His video is incredibly powerful and the art he creates is astounding.

* There are some crazy inventions and creations that come out of Japan, but I think we can all agree that this enormous, realistic wool cat head is for the good of all mankind.

* If you didn’t already love Iceland, then learn about how they make women’s rights a priority.

* “We are the sum total of our experiences.” The science behind choosing experiences, not things.

* How to be a kickass AirBnB guest. Great for those of you who are relatively new this amazing service.

* Speaking of AirBnB, an interesting challenge in bringing this share economy to Cuba.

* The underground world of Disney. I wonder if every theme park has this sort of infrastructure in place!

* I value traveling near and far, and it irritates me a bit when I meet people who think “real” travel only happens overseas because, hello, North America is pretty dern amazing.

* NYC is nice, but NYC infused with color is better!

* Coachella? Not me. #nochella Or, if you’re in Los Angeles proper this weekend, check out Brokechella! Time for me to bust out my favorite flower crown.

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4 thoughts on “Wanderlinks 4.17.15

  1. Inland California is one of my favorite places to explore, with Death Valley, Yosemite, and Sequoia National Forrest are all very close, very unique, and very cheap.

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