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Travel Insurance 101: What Trip Insurance Can Cover


Travel Insurance 101

Insurance is a gamble. It’s tricky because if you opt not to get it, then you could be fine. Or you could face hundreds or even thousands of dollars in expenses that would have been taken care of otherwise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But if you do get it, then what plan do you get? What do you want to cover, and how much should you invest?

Although I despise the idea of creating a service or business that thrives on people’s fear, in today’s world having insurance is a necessary evil. It’s especially important when you’re traveling because it can protect you big time — not just for medical expenses, but way, way more.

So what exactly can trip insurance cover? Here’s what you should be considering:

Not all plans will include everything I mentioned above, so make sure you know what it is you’re most interested in being protected for. Discuss this with an insurance agent so you know what you’re getting before you purchase.

If you’re interested in getting travel insurance, here are a few sites to check out:

World Nomads* — They insured my trip to Iceland and I’m so grateful they helped me and my dude out when we ran into rental car issues. These folks are my go-to for trip insurance.

Insure My Trip — An excellent resource to compare lots of different plans.

Travel Guard — They offer lots of different options depending on the type of trip you’re taking, as well as a variety of coverage options.

Have you purchased trip insurance before? Was it a positive or negative experience, and why? Have you ever had to make use of your insurance plan? What is the main thing you’re concerned about when you’re considering traveler’s insurance?

*Affiliate link. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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6 thoughts on “Travel Insurance 101: What Trip Insurance Can Cover

  1. I purchased it through my bank (Barclays) and the price for a years worth of travel was very reasonable. Haven’t had to use it yet, but I figured with traveling internationally about once a month it was probably a good investment in case I got sick/flights got cancelled or luggage got lost.

    • Definitely! It’s certainly possible to travel without it, but when you consider all the things that can go wrong — and that at least one of them will happen at some point during your travels — it’s such peace of mind.

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