Wanderlinks 5.1.15

Wanderlinks 5.1.15

Happy May!

* My German word of the day seemed too perfect not to share.

* 1. Lake Michigan is beautiful! 2. Shipwrecks, matey!

* Um, yikes. That is a volcano erupting, for sure.

* Yes I want my own personal photographer on my trips! El Camino travel sounds like every Instagram junkie’s and travel blogger’s dream.

* A backpacker’s story of the earthquake in Nepal. After reading this, I still feel like it’s impossible to grasp what it’s like over there right now.

* If you like Kurt Cobain and/or Courtney Love, then pack your bags and stay in their old apartment, why dontcha?

* It’s like comic con — but with cats. I’M IN.

* I’m bound for New Orleans in less than 2 weeks. What are your NOLA suggestions?

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Snorkeling in Iceland with Dive.IS.

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Photo credits:
Death to the Stock Photo

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