Wanderlinks 5.20.15

Wanderlinks 5.20.15

* I’m currently obsessed with phhhoto, an app that allows you to take moving pictures. It feels partially like an old moving picture and partially like Instagram — but so much more fun. Find me on there as tremendoustimes.

* I’d never heard of Americans wearing a Canadian flag on their backpacks until my dude told me about it. I thought it was a pretty ridiculous idea, but then again, I believe people should be unabashedly themselves without apologies. Is it really a thing? If so, why? Here’s what a Canadian thinks of the practice.

* A travel journal is a wonderful way to record your adventures. I sometimes struggle to keep up with mine, but here are some excellent tips to put pen to paper and keep track of your travels.

* An awesome mix of travel, music, and poetry featuring the North Sea.

* As someone who has been to Pizza Brain and who has had pizza specially made by Joe himself at a party (long story), this pizza museum and restaurant is a must-stop spot in Philly.

* Look at these collapsible water bottles! ❤

* Beautiful white sand in the desert — I want to go to there.

* Speaking of desert, Mad Max: Fury Road was fun. The 3D glasses gave me a bit of a headache, but a totally rad and worthwhile film. It even surpassed Mad Max: Road to Burning Man (hehehe).

* Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’ve got more awesome videos coming soon.

ps New Orleans was a dream, and I can’t wait to share more with you!

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