Wanderlinks 6.1.15

Wanderlinks 6.1.15 Hi June! (ps omygaawwwwd it’s June already!?!)

* Feeling a little lackluster after you move back home or come back from a trip? Here are some wonderful ways to thrive when you get back.

* #westcoastbestcoast: Look at these beautiful west coast hikes!

* “The United States is often depicted as a monolithic cultural entity, but this road trip taught me that the United States is just a series of micro-cultures politically bound together by a common set of principles.” One of many things you’ll learn while driving across the US of A.

* Before you pack it, ask yourself: would you be okay if it went missing?

* I’ve mentioned my fascination with the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine before. Here’s some amazing footage from a tour of the Chernobyl exclusion zone (and info if you decide you want to take the tour yourself!).

* Campers of the future! Or…campers from the future? O_o

* There’s so much more to LA than just the Hollywood Star Walk and the beach.

* Beautiful Belarus bus stops. ❤

* Some fun & practical advice to take your travel photography game to the next level.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: What Surprised Me About Iceland.

* And I leave you with some of the worst advice you’ll ever hear. Read it, but don’t take it (obvi).

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