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How to Reset Your Life and Your Goals

How to Reset Your Life & Your Goals

2015 is close to being half over. Isn’t that crazy to think about?! A few months ago it was New Year’s and you were toasting to 2014, and now you’re thinking about summer vacation time. Our hours and days seem to drag on, but it always seems that the years happen so fast. Gah, I sound like a grandma saying that, but it’s true.

So, what’s happened since you last checked in on your goals? Reflecting on whatever aspirations you had set out to accomplish, whether it was at the beginning of the year or not…have you made steps towards achieving them? Did you save the money you intended to, did you check off something on your bucket list, did you start learning a new language? On top of everything that life throws us, it’s understandable that our goals sometimes get lost in the mix.

Well, it’s time to get them un-lost.

Now is a great time to check in and take a look at your goals. Why? Well, uh, why not? There’s a New Moon coming, the weather is fine, and even if you’re reading this at a time other than its original posting, there’s always a good reason to reset yo’ life.

You want to make sure you’re really setting yourself up for success. Because when it comes down to it, we don’t set goals so we can just end up feeling shitty about our failures. We set goals to motivate us to do the things we want to make a reality. And even if, in the end, it doesn’t work out, hopefully we’ll feel good that we fought the good fight and learned some cool things about ourselves along the way.

Standing in the forest

First things first: reflect on the past few months. Consider the past first before you make a plan for the future. (that sounds like something Confucius said, but it was actually me just now, no big deal). Aaaaanyway:

What were you focusing on? Where did your energy go?
What were your successes?
What were your failures?
What goals have you accomplished (even small ones)?
What do you wish you had done but didn’t?
What were your proudest moments?
What have you learned about yourself?
What do you think you could improve? 

Don’t be too hard on yourself, just be honest.  This is a helpful way of thinking about what you spent your time doing and working on, and if that falls in line with what you want to be accomplishing — and what doesn’t.

Next, you need to cleanse. Time to purge the unnecessary things from your life!

This can be scary, but it will also feel amaaaazinging, and it will help give you clarity as to what you want and need to focus on. It will also hopefully free up time — or at least brain space — to go after those goals. What were things you spent the last few months working on or doing that weren’t really essential? If there were things you dedicated a lot of time to and you’re hoping to cut back, for example, it’s time to brainstorm some ways to do that.

Reset your life & your goals

There are a few things to consider:

* Belongings: Go through clothing, make a sweep through your home, clean out from under your bed, and go through the stuff you have in storage. Anything you don’t want or don’t use, save a few items for sentimentality’s sake, should be sold or donated. It’s stuff. You will continue to survive and thrive without it.

* Emotions: Come to terms with grudges you may have and any negative emotions you’re harboring like jealousy or hatred. It’s fine to feel that way from time to time, but this should not be something you carry with you on a regular basis. As cliched as it sounds, focus on the positive. You really do only have so much space in your brain, and if you’re filling it up with affirming thoughts and good vibes, you won’t have the time to pay attention to any of the bad stuff.

* Responsibilities: We sometimes claim certain responsibilities as our own when it’s actually not necessary. Additionally, in our desire to be self-sufficient we deny help that is offered to us. Determine if your stress level is healthy and if you need help in your life for certain things and who or what might be able to contribute. Also, consider if there are other responsibilities you can start to phase out of your life.

* People: This one is a little harder, as we don’t 100% have a say as to everyone involved in our lives, but in general you should avoid negative people, gossips, and drama llamas. They will drag you down so hard. The people you spend your time with should make you feel at ease, should talk more about interesting ideas than degrading other human beings, and should make you laugh.

Don’t feel like this has to all happen at once. Take the next 30 days or so to make your game plan and execute it. But, once it’s done, you will feel mentally lighter and really prepared for what July (and everything after) will bring.

Using phone

Now for the last step: sit down with your list of goals and set/reset actionable dates to them. Choose a few goals that you’d like to focus on — the ones you really really want to accomplish, more than anything — and give yourself some new or revised deadlines.

If you’re left scratching your head, unsure what your next step is, dig a little deeper and break things down. I tend to work backwards and schedule things in reverse. If I know I want to have a digital course on the site by the end of August, for example, I would look at a calendar to set deadlines for the little tasks that will help make that happen, like searching for and deciding on online vendors and creating a first draft of the course.

Dream big, of course, but also be realistic and, as I mentioned before, set yourself up for success. This doesn’t mean the road will be easy — however you should see a road of some type in front of you. You should feel that you have a direction to go in, things to do to work up towards that goal. Your immediate next step, however large it is, should be clear.

Oh, and one last thing: keep in mind that goals are fluid things. They change, they morph, they grow, and they have the power to become more (or less) enticing. Allow deadlines to change, let life happen, and don’t go beating yourself up because it’s almost July and things just aren’t as you thought they would be. Go through this process and do this little reassessment again to stay on track as you feel fit, around every other month or every month. You got this. 😉

How do you stay on top of your goals? What have you achieved in the past 6 months that you’re especially proud of? What do you hope to do by the end of this year?

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25 thoughts on “How to Reset Your Life and Your Goals

  1. Funny how some things pan out – today is my first day of holidays (I’m a uni student) and I’d literally just sat down to write a list of short and long term goals when I scrolled upon this post in my Reader. How’s that for timing! Better get to it…

  2. So interesting. Spot on with all the advice especially about getting rid of ‘stuff’, or cleansing. We’ve just done exactly what you’ve suggested in that we got rid of 98% of our belongings, sold the house, quit our jobs, and have set off on a little trip around the globe for the next few years. Having only what you really need is very liberating and you truly do feel a massive weight has been lifted. Memories last longer than things eh?

  3. Such such an amazing read! Awesome and most likely efficient ideas. Yes I have been hard on myself. Hah! But this is an eye opener, definitely worth the share. Thank you Theresa. It’s lovely following you.

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  5. I feel like you just put into words all I’ve been feeling and doing over the last 2 months or so. It’s great to feel inspiration to keep going coming from others!

  6. This was so inspiring to read. Coming back from a year on the road is destabilizing and makes you ask questions. I recently sat down with myself and wrote down short term and long term goals I’d like to achieve in my life. I’ve started “resetting” and clearing all unecessary material things I owned and that were futile. I realized that it is okay to let go of some people. I thank you for this wonderful piece. It really resonated with me.

    • I’m so glad to hear that 🙂 Give yourself time, a year on the road and then back to a more steady situation is a big change. It’s not bad, just different, and you will need some time to figure it out. Best of luck!

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