Wanderlinks 6.17.15

Wanderlinks 6.17.15

* OMG I would love this rose-flavored rock candy in my life now, plz and thx.

* Advice for packing light: think of a year-long trip as 52 week-long trips. Related: an incredibly thorough 3 month trip packing list.

* An ultra-classy gift guide for the traveling dad. (ps Father’s Day is THIS Sunday)

* Have you ever noticed your life is unbalanced? Oh you mean like this weekend when I watched every episode of Orange is the New Black Season 3. I mean…

* I don’t like sushi, but I am 100% all for sushi luggage.

* Looking for some new summer reads? Here are 10 adventures for you to travel the world!

* Figuring out cell phone plans for overseas is a little intimidating. Here’s the info you should know.

* I can see some benefits to having a plane able to take off nearly vertical like this, but it would also probably make me poop my pants.

* Why asking “Aren’t you scared?” is kind of annoying, and what you can say instead.

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: What to Pack for Burning Man: A Comprehensive List.

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Death to the Stock Photo

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