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Travel Gear I Love: The Speakeasy Travel Scarf


Travel Gear I Love: The Speakeasy Travel Scarf

Minimalist travel is my jam. I love packing just the right amount of clothing for a trip, not having to check a bag, and I also secretly love it when fellow travelers turn to me and ask with astonishment, “That’s all you brought?” I despise the dead weight of shoes I’m not going to wear or a beauty product that goes unused, so I don’t buy it and I don’t bring it.

Which is why I don’t take recommending new gear to people lightly, especially something like clothing or accessories that you could easily argue aren’t essential. However, within about twenty minutes of wearing my Speakeasy Travel Scarf I fell in love and knew I would not be traveling again without it.

This special infinity scarf has a hidden pocket, perfect for fitting a passport, cash, credit cards, an ID, phone, or other valuables in. It comes in a variety of different patterns and types of fabrics, from sweater-like to light and airy. I went with a mid-weight scarf, perfect for someone like me who is always a little bit chilly (even in sunny LA) and in a rich purple color that goes with basically everything in my wardrobe.

I’ve stashed various things in my scarf — cash, my ID, boarding passes, my phone, chapstick, sunglasses, public transportation passes, and even liquor — and anytime I do it makes me feel like a sly undercover agent. Or at least how I imagine it feels like to be one. Ahem, anyhoooo.

Okay, yes, the accessory is advertised as a travel scarf, and it is definitely valuable for travelers. But I’ve honestly used it just as much when I’m not traveling because it’s that convenient. Here are some times I’ve been thankful I’ve worn my scarf:

What I've put in my Speakeasy Travel Scarf

* During my daily commutes. I don’t own a car here in LA, so I bike to the Metro, take the train a few stops, and then bike to work from Union Station. Taking off my backpack off to grab my Metro pass while balancing my bike and keeping my wallet safe at the same time is not ideal.

Having lived in New York, San Francisco, and now LA, I much prefer pulling my public transit card out from my scarf than rummaging through my purse, potentially attracting the attention of some questionable characters. It almost goes without saying, but it’s a pretty sneaky place for money and other valuables if you find yourself in a dodgy neighborhood. I’ve never needed it solely for this use (knock on wood), but it’s always nice to have the choice.

* When I snuck booze into a music festival. I’m pretty proud of my ability to get alcohol into places where it doesn’t belong. I’ve brought entire bottles of wine into baseball games, mini bottles galore into clubs, handles onto beaches, and flasks into concerts. While I’m well-versed in how to BYO without getting caught, the Speakeasy Travel Scarf makes it stupid easy. Security nosed through my bag for liquids but they didn’t even think to check my scarf, and I mean, why would they? This scarf is pure gold if you’re wanting to sneak in some grown-up juice into a special event.

My Speakeasy Travel Scarf at WITS

* Anytime I’ve wanted to leave the house without a purse. Sometimes it’s nice to go grab a drink at a bar and not have a bag with me, and other times I’m just running errands around town and want to have less to worry about. I’m always thankful to have the scarf for those times.

The only challenging part is getting my phone to stay in there without looking weird — It absolutely fits (with plenty of room, actually), it’s just a little heavy around my neck. Of course, I have an iPhone 6 which is big and bulky, so it’s not the most subtle to begin with. In these situations, I either tuck the phone under my bra (not terribly classy, but the scarf covers it up!) or just stick it in the scarf and deal with it. Either way, I’m able to have that free-as-a-bird feeling of no luggage at all.

* When I presented at Women in Travel Summit. My presentation at WITS ‘15 went swimmingly, but I was still nervous as hell beforehand. My biggest fear? Losing my notecards. I kept picturing myself putting them in my bag and then when it came time to present, they’d magically have disappeared. This was my first time presenting to a group of people probably since college and I was thankful to have the scarf act as a reliable solution. The morning of my presentation, I just slipped them in there and was able to focus on other things instead.

* Anytime I travel and go through security. I am especially grateful to have this infinity scarf to keep things safe when I’m on the go. For example, I’ve become pretty comfortable with airline travel, but the one thing that still stresses me out is the security line. Once the TSA agent checks my ID and boarding pass, I grip onto them for dear life hoping I don’t lose them in hustle of the security line. I get anxious thinking about putting those two valuable items away while also removing shoes, laptops, liquids, etc. and keeping the line moving.

My Speakeasy Travel Scarf in flight

The Speakeasy Travel Scarf solves that problem for me, removing so many of the anxieties from my travels. It’s become a staple during my adventures and a regular accessory in my day-to-day wardrobe. It might be the closest I ever come to being an undercover agent, and, well, I’m okay with that because at least I’ll look stylish as hell. 😉

Shop around for your own Speakeasy Travel Scarf. ❤ They come in a variety of fun designs and colors!

What are your favorite pieces of travel gear that help keep your valuables safe? What accessories always accompany you on your travels? When could you see the Speakeasy Travel Scarf being of most use to you?

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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Speakeasy Travel Supply Co.

27 thoughts on “Travel Gear I Love: The Speakeasy Travel Scarf

  1. Love this and I want one now! Especially because NorCal is always chilly and sometimes you don’t want to bring a bag. And finally, next time I’m in LA you must share how you snuck an entire bottle of wine into a baseball game because, wow!

  2. What?! This looks incredible. Is the pocket really deep? I’d be worried about things jostling and falling out. And you are right to be worried about your passport and boarding pass in the security line- I had mine stolen there once!

    • Yikes! That sounds like a nightmare. The pocket is 8″ x 8″ and the zipper prevents stuff from falling out. It’s actually really reassuring to wear and I’ve never felt like I’d lose something because of it. 🙂 thanks for reading!

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