Wanderlinks 7.8.15

Wanderlinks 7.8.15

* This combines two of my favorite things: hidden destinations and ice cream.

* “Could Detroit rise again? I hope so.”

* Yes, this mural is upside down.


* I can handle long flights in coach, but this 5-day flight over the Pacific sounds insane.

* Take a little time to get lost in the beauty of this old geological map of Europe.

* Speaking of old, this Sicilian Village is frozen in time.

* This makes me want to grab my hiking boots and fly off to Siberia.

* A heartfelt piece about the journey, not the destination.

* Wowza. This is a Suitcase with a capital S.

* If you’re still looking for summer reads to satiate your wanderlust, Nomadic Matt has 9 good ones for ya.

* Want to be careful what you spend while traveling? Here are three tips to help you eat on a budget.

* Hahaha only in Florida!

* A Tremendous post you may have missed: Florida Keys Adventures (or: How I Learned to Love Swimming in the Ocean)

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4 thoughts on “Wanderlinks 7.8.15

  1. SIBERIA. So many people treat it like a joke and a wasteland but my trip there last August was one of the very best trips I’ve taken. And Siberia is so huge and diverse so there are thousands of reasons to go back! Kamchatka is one. Thanks for linking to those photos!

  2. Ah the trip around the world sounds awesome! (If only my cats didn’t get motion sick!) also really enjoyed the eating on the cheap article, it’s hard sometimes to find the local spots.

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