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NOLA Highlights: The Best Things I Did in New Orleans

NOLA Highlights: The Best Things I Did in New Orleans

It’s already been two months since my trip to New Orleans, and I thought, what better way to reminisce than by sharing a video with some of the highlights from my trip? Take a stroll down Bourbon Street, listen to live jazz in some of the best bars in the city, drool over pastries and beignets, and even watch me bowl a strike (seriously!).

Here are some of the places I got to and cool things I did in New Orleans:

Bourbon Street

I’m glad that Bourbon Street wasn’t the main attraction during my trip, because it really does give a limited New Orleans experience. However, I am glad I got to see it and walk around and yes, even drink one of those ridiculous melon-flavored drinks called a Hand Grenade. New Orleans is a city on crack during Mardi Gras, and it’s pretty cool to visit one of the most popular streets where some of the action happens.

Frenchman Street

For a more authentic New Orleans experience, Frenchman Street is the place to go. Fantastic restaurants (I loved 13 Monaghan’s BBQ Tofu Sandwich) and amazing bars (The Spotted Cat Music Club was visited on more than one occasion). Frenchman Street is all about the music. During the day and especially at night, you can walk down Frenchman and hear music from every place you pass. It’s a music-loving bar-hopper’s dream.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 New Orleans, LA


I have a fascination with ghosts and graveyards, and I was beyond excited to see some spooky cemeteries in New Orleans. Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 was the first stop, which you can enter without a guide, and St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is only accessible if you pay for a tour and have someone guiding you through it. Both experiences were great. I loved wandering around on my own, reading tombstones at my own pace and taking photos of the gorgeously old mausoleums. I also loved learning more about the history of New Orleans and having someone share stories that I wouldn’t have ever heard otherwise. I’m glad I got the chance to see both of those spots and go through NOLA cemeteries in two different ways.

The Old New Orleans Rum Distillery

Who knew rum could be so delicious? For a small fee, take a tour of this distillery which narrowly survived Hurricane Katrina and learn about how they make their spirits and the unique art on the bottles. The best part of the tour is, of course, the end, when you get to try each variety of rum they offer. 🙂

Cafe Beignet, New Orleans, LA

Cafe Beignet

I had a beignet a day in New Orleans, and I didn’t eat one that I didn’t like. I mean, it’s fried dough and powdered sugar — pretty hard for that to not taste delicious. My favorite spot, hands-down, was Cafe Beignet. It felt less touristy (although they were quite busy), they offered outdoor and indoor seating, and they had a variety of other things to eat and drink besides beignets for those looking to satisfy more than their sweet tooth.


The New Orleans burlesque scene went through a bit of a revival and the city is packed full of talented burlesque performers. I really wanted to see some classic burlesque, and the Creole Sweet Tease Burlesque at the Burgundy Bar in The Saint Hotel was beyond perfect. Velvet seats, divine drinks, and spectacular performances. I didn’t feel comfortable filming and distributing anyone’s performances, but just trust me that they were totally amazing and you should go and see for yourself!

Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA

Jackson Square

Although it’s a bit of a tourist hotspot, it’s stunningly beautiful here. Being right by the water, it’s a little breezier, and the scenery can’t be beat. Seriously, there are some amazing photo opps here.

Rock ‘n’ Bowl

I’m thankful that my dude picked an activity outside of the French Quarter and off of Frenchman Street for one night, because it took us out of the usual sights and put us right into a local’s hangout. Rock ‘n’ Bowl has it all: bowling, great drinks, live music, dancing, and a photobooth. And I mean, c’mon, I bowled a strike and have the proof to show it — of course I had to share! 😉

What would be your must-see places in New Orleans? 

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10 thoughts on “NOLA Highlights: The Best Things I Did in New Orleans

  1. Hi Theresa – pity I didn’t know about the Rum Distillery before I went to New Orleans. The pastries look very tasty too. I was lucky enough to crash a small parade which was organized for a shop opening. People in unique costumes, some orchestras marching by, and, of course, spreading of beads. Right time at the right place.
    – Ruta

    • Hi Ruta, I loved the Rum Distillery! When you get back there it’s definitely worth checking out. That parade sounds like an amazing experience, like your own personal Mardi Gras 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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