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Exploring the Idea That Anyone Can Travel

Exploring the Idea That Anyone Can Travel

I think my travel-loving community is made up of some of the best people. I really do. Travelers are full of life, excitable, curious, and always ready to try something new. Totally my type of people.

The only time I feel a little bit down is when I speak with fellow travelers who seem to have no regard at all for the feelings and situations others. That, to me, totally opposes what traveling is about. One comment that really stands out to me is, “Anyone can travel.” Have you heard this before? Maybe a friend made this comment after a life-changing trip around the world, you may have read other travel bloggers who firmly believe this, or you may have even said it yourself. It’s a sentiment that is prevalent in the travel community, and while I truly believe people say it with good intentions, I don’t think it’s true.

Growing up, my family and I did a lot of domestic road trips, but we never traveled internationally together. I certainly don’t begrudge my parents for this — I had a great childhood and recognize that family trips to France really would have been impossible. But I try to imagine if you’d told my parents 25 years ago, “Anyone can travel!” while they were raising 4 kids under 10 years old on a single income and how they would have reacted. Maybe laughed at you? Asked you to leave? But more than likely, they’d just feel bad. They’d feel like they weren’t doing enough, which I can assure you was not the case.

And that’s the truth for a lot of people — they’re just doing the best they can.

So when someone says, “Anyone can travel,” it doesn’t mean that someone has a large understanding of the world; it means that person has a very small perspective of it. Luckily, I think we can change that.

Exploring the Idea That Anyone Can Travel

One of the great things travel will teach you is empathy. It will put you in situations where you interact with people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and upbringings, and who have vastly different values and day-to-day lives than you. You can encounter these people halfway across the world, in your own country, or the city that you live. Many people you’ll meet would love nothing more than to hop on a plane and go somewhere — anywhere — but they are not able to.

They are truly not able to.

There are people in the world who live on less than a dollar a day, while many others work multiple minimum wage jobs just so that they can put dinner on the table. People face disabilities and illnesses that affect everyday living. Some people find themselves in a position as a primary caregiver, not just for young children, but for older family members. And these are just a few of the reasons someone might not prioritize travel.

Don’t get the wrong idea here: I love traveling, and I think that anyone who can do it, should. I get warm fuzzies inside just thinking about going somewhere new! I hope that Tremendous Times inspires you to get out there more, too. And, like I said, I think the idea behind the phrase “anyone can travel” comes from a positive place. There are lots of bogus excuses not to travel (most of them born out of fear) and if you can get over them and go somewhere, you won’t regret it. No matter how near or far you wander, it will be a worthwhile experience.

But the idea that anyone can travel is a rose-tinted generalization. It shows a lack of awareness of the world around us and disregards the realities other people face.

You really can’t say what you would do if you were in another person’s shoes until you’re actually in them, and you must acknowledge that you will never be able to fully comprehend the situation of every single person in the world. Funny enough, as a traveler you should call on empathy to understand and respect that there are reasons some people choose not to travel. And that’s okay. You might wish that another person would travel, but make sure this wish comes from a place of kindness, not of judgment. ❤

What do you think of the phrase “Anyone can travel”? Do you believe anyone can travel and why/why not? Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to travel but couldn’t? What was stopping you?

42 thoughts on “Exploring the Idea That Anyone Can Travel

  1. Finally someone echoed my sentiments! I love few things in life more than I love traveling, but cannot..I have a busy lifestyle, work where vacation time is limited, a limited budget, a young child, need to get a visa (means filling out paperwork and going to the embassy in another city) and so on… all reasons why I cannot travel as much as I want to. Saying anyone can travel is like saying anyone can make money…while it may be true, but not everyone can be that person!

  2. Thanks for sharing a post on such an interesting topic. I believe that your finances play a huge role in planning a travel. Also, some people might not have enough leave days to afford long vacations abroad. Although, some of those who say “Anyone can travel” probably mean that traveling doesn’t have to be abroad. You can explore a neighboring state, city or even walk around your own city to discover some unknown parts. However, I still believe that travel abroad is certainly something not everybody can afford for one reason or the other. 🙂

  3. When I say the title I was all ready to get up on my high-horse and be like, “no NOT everyone can travel, a lot of people are getting by on a dollar a day,” then I read this excellent post. I totally agree that ” the idea that anyone can travel is a rose-tinted generalization. It shows a lack of awareness of the world around us and disregards the realities other people face.”

    Great post. (and a good lesson in looking beyond the title).

  4. Agreeeeee! Those who are in a position to travel from pleasure, are, relative to the world population, extremely privileged. I think those of us who are able to travel should allow travel to open our eyes to the fact that we are privileged, and also motivate us to try to make a positive impact using our privilege, where we can. It’s true, there are many barriers related to fear and the like that we can help encourage beyond, but yes, we should also be conscientious of the very real barriers people face too. Thanks for bringing this up!

  5. I just graduated last year and after grad, I looked for a job immediately. I was interested in traveling.. and I am currently traveling around PH. But there are some factors that stops me from traveling, like lack of money, responsibility to my family and a lot more. So I am still blessed that I could do it sometime. I hope that someday I could travel on other countries.. especially the countries in Europe, but I need to work hard for that. 🙂

  6. It’s not that easy to travel for people who are not born with a silver spoon. ‘Anyone can travel’ I hear this statement from people around me so many times. No matter how enriching travel might be but it also comes with a lot of preparation and planning which certain people don’t appreciate.

  7. Financial situations and the passport you hold can also limit travelling. Not every passport gives access to as many countries as the US or Britain’s. In fact, no one does – they are the two best passports in the world to have. The rest of us have less traveling privileges, and the further you venture off into the Third World, the more devastatingly true that becomes.

  8. i am 24 years old already but i haven’t been in other countries, i have gone in four cities of mindanao, philippines and it makes me think so behind in adventure but i believe it’s not too late to attain and claim such favor to God..
    i like to see how beautiful God created the world and how He makes every people in other places uniquely..

  9. I absolutely loved this. My mother has always worked furiously to provide for my family and is unable to travel like she wants to because of financial limitations. I hope in the future that I can repay her for her sacrifices by taking her on trips with me. 🙂

  10. Hi Theresa – this is a wonderful post of yours, rises awareness of the reality. Something to remember if one is fortunate to have all the means to be able to enjoy travelling often.
    Happy travels,
    – Ruta

  11. Great read, thank you for sharing your views. Having recently come back from Tanzania where many people live, as you say, on less than a dollar a day, I completely agree.

  12. thank you SO much for writing this! You really did put it perfectly and I completely agree – saying anyone can travel might sound nice and supposed to be inspiring fm, but you’re so right, in a lot of cases it really isn’t a reality. Great job starting the conversation on this!

  13. This is a great post, thankyou 🙂 I want to travel to as many places in the world as possible! I feel the thing that is stopping me is society. That we have to work which I understand, to be able to pay to travel but working is a barrier because how can you work but get the holidays to be able to travel? I’m sat at an office desk now and this post just makes me want to get on a plane even more and jet to a country I have not yet visited! Are there any European countries you have visited that you would recommend? 🙂 follow my blog too or give it a read if you want 🙂

  14. “One of the great things travel will teach you is empathy”- Could not agree more.
    Spending time overseas or travelling through a country and culture different to your own puts you in touch with people and societies who might live their lives differently to you, but are just as content and happy as people in your own country. You realise that there’s no one correct way to do live your life, and it teaches you not to be judgmental towards people living differently to you, and to imagine yourself in their shoes before jumping to conclusions and generalizations.
    Great post 🙂

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  17. Thanks for the wonderful blog!
    According to me, I think anyone can travel. Its just that some travel once in a blue moon. There can be many reasons for a trip like when they have no options or pressurized due to family, some may like a lot but could not due to financial issue, some due to conservative family. “Anyone can travel” is not just for traveling, it is Traveling with passion to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are. For real travellers, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. Happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.

  18. “So when someone says, “Anyone can travel,” it doesn’t mean that someone has a large understanding of the world; it means that person has a very small perspective of it.”

    this rings true to me. it’s funny how some people who have such a breadth of experience in some respects (have been to countless countries, etc.) can have such a narrow mindset at the same time. but i also agree, as long as you’re really in the moment and genuinely enjoying travel for what it is, it will absolutely teach you empathy, and instead of adding to the number of ways we are different from those in whatever place we’re in, it points out the ways we’re alike and creates yet another kind of community among people of different backgrounds and origins.

  19. I absolutely agree with you. I think it’s great that there are people who can travel on a budget and who will scrimp and save and sell to be able to go. But that’s because travel is high on their priority list. For others that might not be the case. The biggest block for me, when it comes to travel, is health. I’d love to go here, there and everywhere but realistically it’s just not possible for me due to the implications travelling would have on my illness. So I agree with you- not everyone can travel

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