Wanderlinks 8.18.15

Wanderlinks 8.18.15


* Feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful infinity pools around the world.

* “Only in America do we need a step-by-step guide to taking time off.”

* This 4 week Brazil itinerary just got me so so excited to travel there this November!

* I’m not an ocean swimmer so I don’t ever have to worry about this, but what do you do with your belongings when you’re beachin’?

* Want a postcard sent to you each month from moi during my travels? Or, y’know, one of many other awesome perks I’m offering to patrons. Join me on Patreon for even more travel and adventure in your life.

* Aaaaand this is why people are amazing. RIP #DeadRaccoonTO

Definitely getting Float before I go back to Iceland! Liquid meditation, here I come.

* For all you Burners (or Burner wannabes): a pretty hefty first-timer’s guide to Burning Man, the 10 Principles explained WITH KITTENZ, and for laughs: no one makes it to Burning Man.

* Love the message of this sweet video. Carpe diem, y’all.

* Um….damn.

* The stunning pics from the 2015 Traveler Photo Contest you need to see.

* Now THIS is important. Female genital mutilation is now banned in Nigeria.

* Take me here. *swoons*

* I’m not a fan of the one-size-fits-all posts that list out all the trips you have to take at a certain age…but this article about 5 trips to take in your 20s nails it.

* Oh boy. I’ve traveled on Megabus and other budget buses so many times. Do you think it’s worth it?

* Find efficient bike routes in your city. Happy biking!

* I feel like the Sky Ladder is right out of my dreams. So beautiful!

* A Tremendous post you might have missed: The Best of SF: A Unique Favorites List for a Unique City.

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