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Photoset: Burning Man by Day

Photoset: Burning Man by Day

It’s always hard to put my week in Black Rock City into words, so I’m letting my photos help me out. 🙂

The picture above and below were taken from the same place, Vünderbar (ze bar in ze sky!) at Sextant Camp. The city blocks fill out with RVs, tents, yurts, and domes as the week progresses. Below is a view of the Playa from the Esplanade, or inner-most street. In the distance, between the two Tesla coils, you’ll see the Man himself. Even smaller, just on the horizon and left of both the Tesla coils, is the Temple of Promise. Not pictured, but very near to the right of this point, is Center Camp.

The Playa

Center Camp is a hub of the city layout — the streets sort of spread out beyond it on both sides. It’s a handy navigation point because of its colorful flags, and it’s also a great spot to go and relax, since there’s always something going on there (music, spoken word, etc.). And while most everything is free at Burning Man, you can purchase coffee, lemonade, and other beverages here when you’d like — seriously, cold lemonade is heaven during one of those hot desert days.

Center Camp at Burning Man

Center Camp flags

As you head in a straight line away from Center Camp onto the Playa, you’ll run into the Man and (eventually) the Temple. This year, the Man was built upon a platform and you actually traveled through a maze to get to the base, which was pretty darn cool. I only got lost twice.

The Man

The Temple this year — called the Temple of Promise — was a beauty. A lot of people think Burning Man is all party party, and yes, it is a good time, but The Temple is a stark contrast to all of that. It is a place where many people come to mourn, leave things behind (both tangible and emotional), and to try and start fresh and get help moving on.

Temple of Promise

Mexican ceremony at the Temple of Promise

Temple backlit

I had a pretty sweet ride for the week. Walking around Burning Man is a totally viable option — I always pick one or two days where I venture off by foot — but having a (well-lit) bike certainly makes it easier to access the entirety of the city.

No Fear Playa bike

Streets of Black Rock City

One of the big reasons I go to Burning Man is for the art, and this year was pretty spectacular. A lot of the pieces on the Playa were just massive. Off in the distance they would look like a speck on the horizon, but as you got closer they would just loom over you.

Burning Man Medusa Madness

Burning Man stingray

Burning Man R-Evolution

Temple at Burning Man

Burning Man

I also love running into some of the interactive pieces out there — stuff you can climb on, touch, and play with. Not only does this create a really special experience for you, but it’s a fun way to connect with other people.

Time out at Burning Man

Burning Man photo frame

Typewriter at Burning Man

Drum Circle with the Ministry of Movement

Creepy art at Burning Man

the Center of Attention Chair

Although Burning Man isn’t a festival, there are large stages designed for live performances. Sound camps, like the one below, are situated near the far ends of the city to keep the uber-loud music somewhat concentrated. (that speaker system, tho.)

Burning Man sound camp by day

And with all the wacky, fantastical stuff out there, it’s also nice to be reminded that Black Rock City is still a city. There’s a and even a movie theater and an observatory!

Black Rock Bijou

Black Rock Observatory

I’d like to introduce you to El Pulpo Mecanico, pretty much my favorite art car. He’s recognizable and has received a lot of Burning Man fame, so I merely count myself lucky to run into him from time to time out there. This year, I found where the El Pulpo crew was camping and they were kind enough to let me ride with them…more on that later. 🙂

El Pulpo Mecanico!

Oh, and did I mention it gets dusty there?

Center Camp in the dust

Burning Man zap

Burning Man dust

Like, really dusty.

Burning Man dust storm


Burning Man art car

Burning Man

Sometimes the dust is just a nuisance and you’re still able to go about things as you’d like. Other times it’s completely unmanageable, you can’t see any navigational points, and so the only thing you can do is sit and wait it out. The little critters below shielded me from a dust storm on one of the super windy days.

Dusty Burning Man critters

Every year, I come back from Burning Man with tons and tons of photos…and like three of me. This year was pretty much no different, but thanks to the random dude who offered to take this photo for me!

Me on a bench at Burning Man

Do you have a favorite photo in this collection? Have you ever attended Burning Man? If so, do you have a favorite memory? If not, do you have any desire to go to one day?

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16 thoughts on “Photoset: Burning Man by Day

  1. Awesome photos! 🙂 and Burning Man is definitely on my list … Just have to plan way ahead (as I’ll most likely be flying in from the U.K) and make it happen!

    • Yeah, I have some campmates who travel from the UK each year…certainly expensive & requires a little extra prep! But if you’re part of a good camp with a lot of good infrastructure, you won’t have to pack as much for yourself! 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to burning man, but we can always see those dust covered cars on the freeway and pick them out. I’ve actually never seen pictures of it at all. Very interesting…what’s the draw to go? I’ve always been curious!!

  3. Hey 🙂
    I am very impressed by your pictures! Before I read your article I have never heard of the burning man, but I think it is awesome. I like the art shown there, that you can touch and think of. One of my favourites is Blunderwood Portable. I really like this one. 😀
    Thanks for sharing your adventures!! 😀

  4. Awesome photos! I have always wanted to go and thus far haven’t been able to. I’ve heard nothing but great things and seen nothing but great photos from everyone who has gone!

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